The Nebraska football team won a hard-fought victory over the Illinois Fighting Illini last Saturday. After the win, the Huskers had plenty of nice things to say about Illinois.

Some Cornhuskers even made comments that Illinois was the most physical team they played all year. That was witnessed on the field, especially when they were on defense.

Wide receiver JD Spielman took several big hits as he took in passes over the middle. Several Nebraska football players had to leave the game after suffering injuries that stemmed from some hard hits.

It appears the Huskers felt those hits a bit extra as they were willing to talk about how hard Illinois hit.

Since the Husker players made those comments, it appears some Iowa Hawkeyes fans have taken offense.

Nebraska football takes flack

When the comments about the Illini showed up on Twitter more than a few Iowa fans had a problem with them. The first Hawkeye fan drew comparisons to Iowa State's head coach.

Matt Campbell's team lost to Iowa in their annual rivalry game. After the loss, the coach still didn't feel like giving the Hawkeyes much in the way of compliments.

He said the most physical team his squad had played all season was Lousiana Monroe.

Some Iowa fans took that to heart and were equally offended when Nebraska football players talked glowingly about Illinois.

Other fans took their anger at the Huskers in general, insulting the Nebraska football coach in the process.

This despite the fact that the players were talking about the toughness and the coaches lesser so.

It appears the Hawkeye fans are just letting their anger at Nebraska football in general. This is especially true when you consider the Huskers were talking about who was the most physical team they've played so far.

Since they hadn't played Ohio State, Wisconsin or Iowa, they weren't giving those teams a slight.

It turns out the Huskers were simply giving a recap of the games they'd already played.

Nebraska football draws ire

The Nebraska football rivalry with Iowa has taken a turn in the last few years. The fans of both teams have gotten a bit angrier and a bit more icy with each other.

As the two teams now have to vie for the West Division title, the rivalry has gotten more serious. Barbs have been traded back and forth. Insults have been flung.

Iowa fans seem to have taken real offense to the idea that Illinois might be a harder-hitting team than the Hawkeyes. Their team will be able to prove that wrong to the Nebraska football team when they square off later this year. First, the Huskers need to find a way to knock off the highest-ranked team they've played so far this season in Ohio State. The Buckeyes and Huskers will square off on Saturday night.