Nebraska football fans have been arguing over whether or not it's polite to stand or sit during a game for almost as long as there's been such a thing as Memorial Stadium. The student section, especially, in recent years has come under the attack from the more traditional group of Husker fans who believe sitting should the way people enjoy most of the game.

It appears those who want people to sit have taken things to the next level, if one Reddit user is to be believed. The user, who goes by the name jbehrens90 took to the social media platform on Monday evening to tell the story about how the university threatened his Nebraska football tickets, if he didn't sit more often during the action.

What could make the story even worse, is that the Reddit user does not own the tickets that could be taken away. He began his story by saying his in-laws have season tickets and he was lucky enough to use them for a few games each year...

Down in front!

"I’ve always been a big believer of standing and yelling when the huskers are on defense. I have been doing so since I was a student at UNL 10 years ago. IMO an energetic crowd can really swing a game," the Nebraska football fan said in the opening to his tale, "I love the energy the crowd can bring during a big game like Ohio St, but for smaller games it can be lethargic. I did this last week against Northern Illinois."

He claims that there are times when he hears someone murmur that he should sit down, but largely ignores them because, as he puts it, "we're at a damn football game." He did point out that he doesn't stand the entire Nebraska football game.

He sits when the team is on offense and when there is some kind of break in the action. Still he believes it's well within his rights to stand when the Huskers are on defense, as is the usual desire of hundreds of other fans throughout the stadium.

The issue is that the seats are so close together, anyone standing in front of a row or two, are going to block the view of those behind them.

Those who believe fans should sit, point to older fans who simply are not built to be on their feet for the majority of a Nebraska football game.

Nebraska football ticket office gets involved

As the Reddit user put it, when he was continuously standing during the Northern Illinois game on September 14, someone must have complained directly to the university.

He says his family received a phone call from the ticket office informing them that while they like passionate fans, “it would be a shame if someone lost their tickets over this.”

The phone call clearly angered the fan, who went on to post questions like "is there a stand-up cop to consult?" about when he should be allowed to get to his feet. He ended his report with another question. Would the university really take away his Nebraska football tickets because he stands when the team is playing defense?