As a new NBA season will be beginning sooner than we know it, the defending champs are bringing back their original jerseys next season. Toronto's dinosaur uniforms are back from extinction. The Raptors throwback jersey will officially be coming back for the 25th season and many fans will be purchasing. The original giant dino Raptors jersey is going to have a championship gold patch on the back this season. If you can name a better retro jersey than the Raptors '95 Dino's I'd like to hear which one. What's not to like about these jerseys? They are vibrant, fun, classic and they go back to the roots of the Toronto Raptors.

The retro dinosaur jersey, named the original classic jersey of all time, will be one of four jerseys the team will wear this upcoming season along with the normal home, road and the OVO (black and gold) jerseys. Raptors fans have looked back at these jerseys and are quite appealed by the look of the cartoon Barney. It was a well-known move five years ago when the Raptors brought back the jersey for a few games when the 20th anniversary season occurred. This is an exciting time for the Toronto Raptors as they will unveil an old look but in a new season.

Keeping it classic

Back in June of this year, Kyle Lowry wore a throwback Damon Stoudamire jersey at the Raptors' championship parade.

Could that have been the indicator to bring the jerseys back? While there have been a few intriguing rollouts of jersey designs for the 2019-20 season, they decided to come back with the throwback jerseys. The Raptors have not yet announced when they will wear the throwback '95 threads. Kawhi Leonard won't be wearing the throwback jersey in 2019-20 as we all know he has signed with the Clippers.

But he will be returning to Toronto this season as the Raptors host Los Angeles on Dec. 11. The Raptors will be playing in style and wearing legendary jerseys. So what do you think? Will you be grabbing one? It is exciting to have these jerseys coming back, but it is unfortunate that Vince Carter isn't playing for the Raptors this year.

While they were condemned initially, these jerseys have transformed into an all-time classic over the years. These classic jerseys have not only become fan favourites of the Raptors themselves but an ultimate adored classic jersey for many Raptors fans. In addition, there have been speculations that the Raptors will be matching these jerseys with a new throwback court. Although there have been no set reports yet, there has been a lot of discussion on social media about this. Toronto will commence its preseason on Oct. 8 when it makes its way to Tokyo, Japan to compete against the Houston Rockets in two contests for the 2019 NBA Japan Games.