5 ways the coronavirus has been positive for the world

Congress to Vote on Coronavirus Rescue Package (Image via NY Times/Youtube)
Congress to Vote on Coronavirus Rescue Package (Image via NY Times/Youtube)

While the COVID19 pandemic has been for the most part a downfall to many countries economnies, there are in fact some positives to it.

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We assume that this pandemic has been so detrimental to the world. But have we ever take the time to think about what good has come from this pandemic? Here are five ways the Coronavirus has been positive for the world.



The Coronavirus has allowed many people to self-reflect and not take the little things for granted. For example, we were able to see friends and family. Although many parts of the world are now doing better with the pandemic and can see their loved ones for some people, they are still not able to. We must never take things like this for granted. During tough times we have to appreciate what we have, such as shelter, food, water, and our health.


Appreciation of nature

Many places that people love to go to normally, such as movie theatres, bars, clubs, concerts, events, and much more, are temporarily closed or have to be rescheduled due to the pandemic. So, this has forced people to turn to other activities such as going for walks, hikes, and camping. This is a good thing as it gets people more active and in nature, which can be very therapeutic.

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