Wan'Dale Robinson came to Nebraska football as an "all-purpose back." Since he's been in Lincoln he's been viewed as someone who could step into JD Spielman's shoes, as Spielman's role becomes bigger. Spielman is expected to be the Huskers' number one target through the air with Robinson being used out of the slot. What has been clear from the very beginning is that the coaching staff believes he can contribute as a true freshman.

Following Wednesday's practice, it looks as if the way he is going to contribute could be morphing a bit. Robinson and Miles Jones appear to be in that particular boat.

Like Wan'Dale, Jones was a running back in high school and, since then, has been transitioning to be more of a receiver. Both took quite a few snaps out of the backfield. That could be a sign that the Nebraska football coaching staff has some thoughts about Maurice Washington. Those thoughts might not necessarily be positive.

Question marks in Nebraska football's backfield

Maurice Washington is still on the Cornhuskers' roster. Despite that fact, comments by head coach Scott Frost appeared to signal that he might not get a ton of playing time in 2019.

Washington is still attempting to wrap up legal issues back in California. The latest court date for those issues is scheduled for after the start of the regular season.

At his pre-fall camp press conference, Frost was asked numerous times whether or not Washington was going to be "full-go" for practice and the season considering the court situation. Frost refused to give a clear answer.

Dedrick Mills is expected to be the top candidate for the starting job but Maurice Washington would almost surely have the inside shot at the position if he were expected to be a full contributor.

Without Washington, the running back corps is extremely green and somewhat thin. Jones and Wan'Dale Robinson joining the mix might not even mean they are competing for the starting job, but could simply indicate the Nebraska football team is expecting to be a little thinner come the regular season.

Taking those snaps could just be about making sure if Robinson or Jones needs to step in, they aren't stepping in cold.

Washington on the outside looking in?

The Omaha World-Herald noted that, as the practice was beginning, Maurice Washington was in attendance. What can't be seen as a totally positive sign is that he walked into practice all by himself. The paper noted, he was "murmuring" to himself. It would be interesting to know what was going through his head.

The fact that he walked in alone isn't alarming all on its own. It was noteworthy enough for the media to point out. One of the big questions surrounding the situation is how his coaches and teammates are handling the situation as it continues. Hopefully, he's not being ostracized already.