The Cleveland Browns have been involved in some odd controversies over the summer. The way the team has handled those controversies has some sports analysts unimpressed. Count Fox Sports Radio personality Colin Cowherd is among those who believe the team is handling things about as poorly as one could.

The latest incident involves how head coach Freddie Kitchens handled reports that Bob Wylie ripped him for his performance last season. Wylie claimed Kitchens got too much credit for the Browns' turnaround last season. As a response, Kitchens went "scorched earth," ripping Wylie and making it clear that if he sees any inside info leak to the press, those responsible won't have jobs any longer.

Cleveland Browns as 'new money'

It appears the threats are what set Cowherd off. To be fair, this not being the first time Cowherd has ripped the team, "going off," is something he appears to want to do at this point.

In addition to calling the team "fake tough guys," he made another analogy, claiming the Cleveland Browns are nouveau riche. "Cleveland is new money and they don’t know what to do with it. They’re buying jet skis and they're buying sports cars and buying second and third houses, they don’t know how to act."

Cowherd went on to compare the Cleveland Browns to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his comparison, the radio personality called the Steelers "generational money," as a way of pointing out Pittsburgh has been successful and knows how to deal with success.

Cowherd pointed this out as the Browns have become the popular pick to be a darkhorse for big success this season. The addition of OBJ to a receiving corps that already had Jarvis Landry is expected to juice up the offense. The second year of Baker Mayfield should do the same.

Baker Mayfield takes fire again

Mayfield also drew ire from Cowherd.

The Cleveland Browns' quarterback was at a Cleveland Indians game last week. When he made an appearance on the jumbotron, he shotgunned a beer.

Mayfield is just the latest NFL quarterback to get attention for drinking heavily and quickly in public. Cowherd has had enough. Most of the radio personality's rant appears to be a personal dislike of the team.

Knowing the ax Cowherd is grinding, it's hard to separate real frustration and embarrassment from his looking for something to complain about.

As for how the Cleveland Browns are handling themselves. If they win as many games as people expect, how they're carrying themselves won't matter. The flipside of that is if they stumble out of the gate, or really struggle over the course of the regular season, people are going to look back at this summer and draw some negative conclusions.