The soap opera, surrounding the Nebraska football team and Maurice Washington, took another turn on Monday morning. That turn might be one of the very last, judging from the comments head coach Scott Frost made after spring practice.

Frost talked a bit about the situation regarding the freshman quarterback and said he had returned to California in order to enter the next phase of the criminal case that is being brought against him. While the coach didn't say a ton about his thoughts on the situation, what he did say indicates he might be a bit fed up with everything that has transpired since last fall.

Maurice Washington preparing for trial

Frost had previously said Washington would have limited participation for the Nebraska football team this spring. That had always seemed a little odd, considering the team was straddling the line between supporting the player and starting to wash their hands of him by doing that.

The Huskers' head coach made similar comments on Monday, though there was another aspect to those comments that made it sound like he wasn't hopeful Washington was going to be able to just put the whole thing behind him and move on.

Case developments frustrate Nebraska coaching staff

Mitch Sherman reported on Frost expressing "disappointment in developments in the case, which have jeopardized the player’s status on the team." Obviously, we don't know what those developments exactly are but that doesn't sound remotely good for anybody.

Washington was not at practice today and has apparently returned to California, according to the team.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Maurice Washington is getting "processed" but he will be coming back to Lincoln Monday night.

“Working through his lawyer, I know he wanted to get out there and surrender and satisfy the warrant as quickly as he could,” Frost told the rapt media after practice.

“They had it worked out for today, so Maurice flew out to California (Sunday) night.”

The next hearing is set for April 10 and one has to wonder if all the talk of cooperating has been for naught as it appears the criminal part of this issue continues to move forward. Frost added that he has talked to Maurice Washington about what he expects from the player moving forward but the Nebraska football coach has also said he's attempted to keep all of this at arm's length. It's possible everything works out in the end, but at the moment, it doesn't appear the player's own coach is real optimistic at this point.