While the Cleveland Browns prepare for a 2019 season, that many expect to see end in some kind of playoff run, the off-field issues are starting to pile up a bit. None of the Browns' players are getting into any kind of legal trouble, but there has been some chirping. Specifically, there has been some sniping back and forth between some Cleveland players and a couple of "talking heads."

At the forefront is a feud that appears to be heating up between Fox Sports talk show host Colin Cowherd and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. The latest rock thrown in this particular tiff was Mayfield announcing he was going to start selling $30 anti-Cowherd shirts.

This was after Cowherd has made more than a few comments that were critical of the second-year quarterback.

While some are finding the feud a bit funny, and others believe the talk show host deserves a little fire from the athletes he tends to deride on his show, NBC Sports' Peter King isn't finding the feud funny and appears a bit concerned that Mayfield is paying any attention to Cowherd at all.

Does Baker Mayfield have rabbit ears?

King wrote in a recent Football Morning in America that he has a problem with the Cleveland Browns quarterback noticing what Cowherd has said about him and taking offense to the point of fighting back.

"I don’t quite get Baker Mayfield continuing his feud with talk-show guru Colin Cowherd.

Mayfield said on Instagram the other day he’s selling anti-Cowherd T-shirts for $30. What’s next? Anti-Hue shirts? ...The problem is, the T-shirt sales make Mayfield seem like he’s got rabbit ears. And that he’s petty.” King wrote.

The writer has a point here in that Mayfield has already gotten a reputation for holding grudges.

Last season, he famously made it very clear that he had a problem with former head coach Hue Jackson taking a job with the Cincinnati Bengals after being fired by the Cleveland Browns. It started with Mayfield simply shunning him in postgame handshakes, it escalated to the quarterback bad-mouthing his former coach.

Bad look for Cleveland Browns?

The ongoing feud between Cowherd and Mayfield is interesting if only because it seems to have ramped up a bit this offseason. There was a time when the radio personality seemed to be going to bat for the signal caller. Granted, Cowherd was "defending" Baker's position by bad mouthing a teammate. The Cleveland Browns have been in the spotlight in a way they haven't been for decades. It appears there are some growing pains from some of the team's younger players. Feuding with a member of the media is never a good look and people are starting to notice. Of course, a lot of the concerns being showed right now will go away if the team wins a ton of games in 2019.