This summer has been incredible for the NBA as the offseason has drastically changed so many teams. While many fans have expected this offseason to have a great impact on the league, no one has expected that most of the top free agents would choose a new team to play for. These moves have turned bad teams into title contenders, while some teams, such as the reigning NBA champions Toronto Raptors, will most likely be mediocre next season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the teams that have gotten considerably worse in the 2019 offseason. After re-signing Paul George to a maximum contract of four years in 2018, the Thunder have agreed to trade him to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The team finished the 2019 NBA season with a 49-33 record and the sixth seed in the West, only to be eliminated by the Portland Trail Blazers in five games in the playoffs. Russell Westbrook is the only superstar left on the team, and he might soon join the Miami Heat.

Westbrook could come to Miami

Unlike the Thunder, the Miami Heat have had a successful offseason. The team has drafted Tyler Herro with the 13th overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft and acquired Jimmy Butler in a multi-team trade. Pat Riley has finally landed a superstar while getting rid of Hassan Whiteside's contract by sending him to Portland. However, it will take more than Jimmy Butler for the Heat to have a deep playoff run, and Westbrook could be the answer.

Russell Westbrook is best known for his competitive spirit and triple-doubles. The superstar point guard has averaged a triple-double in the last three seasons, and he has also won the MVP award in 2017. The eight-time NBA All-Star wants to win, but it will be hard to win in the West when his best teammate will be Steven Adams.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Miami Heat are eyeing Russell Westbrook, and there is a possibility that they pull a trade for him. Westbrook, who averaged 22.9 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 10.7 assists per game last season, would have a much easier way to an NBA title in the East while the Thunder would get a chance to rebuild.

How could the trade work

The former MVP has four more years left on his contract and is scheduled to receive $38.5 million next season. In order to make the trade successful, Miami would most likely send Goran Dragic ($19.2 million), Justise Winslow ($13 million), Bam Adebayo ($3.5 million) and Herro ($3 million) to the Thunder.

The Heat could also trade Kelly Olynyk and his $11.7 million salary to Oklahoma City, but it is very unlikely that the Thunder would accept such offer. After all, they need young promising players such as Winslow and Adebayo to successfully rebuild.