Kansas City Chiefs defender Tyrann Mathieu has had an interesting offseason. For the most part, the defensive back has shown that he's not willing to take guff [VIDEO]from anyone.

That could be a good personality trait to have when he's manning the defensive backfield for the Chiefs during the regular season. The latest incident where Mathieu has shown he often lives up to the Honey Badger nickname is when he went after NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski.


The newest Kansas City Chiefs star was looking to help out pets everywhere when he shot a PSA for PETA showing just how hard it was to take a hot car in the middle of the summer.

This particular kind of message is one that has been around for quite a while.

Mathieu apparently agreed with PETA that showing a person in very good shape can still be a problem when you're talking about being in a car with the sun beating down and the windows rolled up. The video showed that he wasn't able to last more than eight minutes before he was miserable enough that he had to get out of the car.

The problem

While most people would understand the Kansas City Chiefs' player was just trying to make a point, NASCAR Reddit and one driver, in particular, decided it was an opportunity to prove manliness. The group's twitter account retweeted the video with the caption, "I guess we know who the real athletes are now."

Driver Brad Keselowski apparently thought it was time to jump on this particular "manliness" bandwagon as he retweeted their tweet and added the comment "eight minutes..." It's not quite clear what the driver meant by his comment.

It's possible that he was actually saying that he agreed that was a short amount of time and that pets shouldn't be left in the car. It's clear that the Mathieu didn't see the comment that way. In a since-deleted response the Kansas City Chiefs defensive leader went after the driver.

“You clearly missed the point of the video.

But assuming you drive cars at top speed you must think you can f--- with me ... so what’s up?”

It doesn't appear that Keselowski wanted to continue to keep the fight going, as he didn't respond to that comment. He also hasn't responded since. The Honey Badger is known as someone who isn't afraid to take on his detractors.

The idea that NASCAR racing isn't done by athletes has been around for quite a while and it's clear that Mathieu believes in that adage at least a little bit.

What appears to be clear to everyone who isn't a NASCAR racer or fan is that a video showing how heat can hurt dogs and cats when they are left in a car for hours at a time can hurt or even kill them, probably isn't the best time to start a debate about manliness.

There's never really a good time to go after the newest Kansas City Chiefs defender personally. Keselowski likely learned that lesson this week.