The Nebraska football hype is very real. Tim Brando and other members of the national media are certainly buying in. The Husker coaches are plenty sure the team they are in charge of in 2019 are certainly excited as well.

That includes tight ends coach Sean Beckton who recently talked to the Journal Star about how excited he is to get to see the horses he's got running all over the field. He's going to get his first look, as long as the rest of Cornhusker nation in just over a month.

Talent returns for Nebraska football

Beckton is excited for 2019 but he should also be excited about the fact that this isn't a one-off.

When it comes to the tight end position group, Beckton is returning every single player that contributed in 2018.

That entire group of contributors, as well as new contributors like Travis Vokolek, will also be in Lincoln next fall at least. That's a luxury you don't see all that often in the college ranks. People tend to move through rather quickly. Especially when you are talking about repeat contributors.

Vokolek stands out

While all the contributors coming back is certainly a big boon for Beckton, it's the newest addition to the team that the position coach is most excited about. Travis Vokolek chose the Nebraska football team over Iowa, among others.

At the time, there was some question about why the Cornhuskers were even going after the Rutgers transfer.

Beckton gave a recent radio interview where he shed some light on just why the tight end was such a big, both literally and figuratively, get for the Huskers.

“He’s a huge human being,” the NU coach said. “His dad is a college coach, so he understands the game. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a very, very interesting prospect." Beckton also talked about the fact that Vokolek is "heavier" than other dudes they have on the roster.

It would appear comments like that show the coaching staff has very specific plans for the transfer talent.

The drawback is that Vokolek hasn't gotten a waiver just yet. That means he might not be able to contribute this fall but he is slated to do so in 2020 for sure. In the meantime, the players who will be starring in Memorial Stadium this fall might be used as a kind of preview.

Neither Austin Allen or Kurt Rafdal are as heavy as Vokolek, but both are plenty tall. Allen stands at 6-8 and Rafdal is 6-7. The tall guys can be a real weapon when it comes to the endzone. That kind of reach is also plenty useful when it comes to blocking.

When they need a blow, there's still freshman Chris Hickman and other weapons like Katerian Legrone. It's not clear how the Nebraska football team is going to weave everything together, but Beckton wants to make sure everyone is as excited as he and the rest of the Husker staff is.