The hype surrounding the Nebraska football team is starting to get a little out of control. There are plenty of people that think the Huskers are going to be quite a bit better than they were in 2018. It would be hard not to be, considering they posted their second straight 4-8 season.

Despite the consensus of improvement, college football analyst and play-by-play man is extra especially hyped about the Huskers this season. Appearing on Paul Finebaum's radio program earlier this week, Brando was asked to give his thoughts on the 10 best teams in America.

What will likely infuriate Ohio State and Wisconsin fans, is the Nebraska football team is the second squad in that group, alongside Michigan.

'Transformational coach'

In explaining why Brando thinks the Huskers are going to be in the Top 10 at the end of the season (eighth to be exact) he pointed to his confidence in head coach Scott Frost to build a program. When he was asked how in in the world the Cornhuskers were going to crack the Top 10 after going 8-16 in the last two seasons, he said that Frost is a transformational coach who will get his squad ready to go much better than he did a year ago.

Brando's Top 10 list is an interesting one for a couple of reasons.

He believes that Clemson will beat Alabama yet again in order to be the top team in the country. He also believes Michigan will win the Big Ten championship and finish third in the country. Georgia is his fourth-place team and the Oklahoma Sooners round out the Top 5. LSU and Texas are ranked sixth and seventh in his unofficial Top 10 and then Nebraska finishes ahead of Oregon and literally whoever is the AAC champion.

Nebraska hype train is bearing down the tracks

The Huskers themselves have not been downplaying any love they are getting. Optimism has been the name of the game since Frost landed in Lincoln but it's ramped up a bit since the beginning of the summer. It appears that the excitement surrounding the program has grown quite a bit since some national magazines talked about the chance the Huskers are going to win the Big Ten West.

Kicker Barrett Pickering is leading the hype train from Lincoln. He recently talked to the media about what he's seen from the team and he believes the squad is "10 strides better" than they were a season ago. “We’re definitely playing pretty good. I feel like it’ll be a good year.”

It should be pointed out that when he says the Nebraska football team is playing good, he's talking about how the team is playing in practices and scrimmage. With that kind of excitement existing in July, it's hard to imagine just how much more ramped up it's going to be when the regular season kicks off on August 31.