The latest NBA market news has focused on the moves made in the offseason to find players worthy of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. At this time, the Los Angeles Lakers have finished for 14 players.

According to Parlons Basket, another place on the star team seems to remain open. During an interview, Dave McMenamin revealed that the Lakers could look for Andre Iguodala and get him to sign. The sum needed to get him to sign would be around $ 17.2 million.

Meanwhile, Zion Williamson spoke about his decision to join Jordan Brand. The announcement was published with an official Instagram post, which confirms Williamson's decision.

Meanwhile, Michael Jordan has reacted to the arrival of Sion Williamson in the Jordan Brand family.

Andre Iguodala to the Lakers? Among the rivals, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets

The fantastic world of the ''NBA'' continues to give interesting news, despite the offseason. In particular, the team is focusing on the market and possibly new players to buy. It seems that a place has remained free for Andre Iguodala, provided that the Grizzlies agree to exchange it.

According to statements by Tim MacMahon of Espn, the Grizzlies and the Lakers are agreeing on a possible agreement. So, Bringing Iguodala at Los Angeles Lakers is not easy, because the player likes very much both Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets.

Although he's not very young, the fantastic player has shown he knows how to do it on the field, especially with the Warriors, not at the top of his form and fortune in the 2019 NBA finals. Iguodala would be a perfect defender for the Lakers, but the last word is up to the Grizzlies. In case the deal doesn't go well, Los Angeles Lakers will have to look elsewhere to name the last place available in the roster.

Michael Jordan very happy for the arrival of Sion Williamson in the Jordan Brand family

Zion Williamson recently joined the Jordan Brand and expressed his happiness in this regard.

Zion said he has dreamed of this moment ever since he was little and hopes not to disappoint Michael Jordan, one of his absolute myths.

At the same time, through a press release, Michael Jordan himself complimented the goal of Zion, which he considers a talent, ready to inspire many athletes and to honor the brand. So far, the compensation offered to Zion Williamson has not been communicated, but we're sure it's remarkable.

No doubt, Jordan Brand will find a large market with a testimonial of this caliber. According to news reported by Lakers Nation, Michael Jordan also added that Zion Williamson had promised to "shock the world", a promise that apparently was perfectly fulfilled.