No, Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost would rather you didn't mail him used underwear. The coach had to make that very, very clear in a recent interview with Sirius XM Radio.

When it comes to athletes, coaches, and sports fans, you are going to be dealing with quite a bit of ritual and practices that are based almost entirely in the idea that certain objects or repeated rituals will bring "luck."

It appears that one Nebraska football fan believed he had a lucky pair of boxer shorts. In a kind of sweet (if very, very strange) moment, the fan decided that the Husker's coach needed that luck more than he did.

'He was wrong'

Frost told the tale of what appears to be one of the first gifts he was given after arriving in Nebraska. “I got a pair of used boxers,” Frost told the radio station. “It was pretty obvious (they were used). The guy said, ‘These were the boxer shorts I was wearing when you guys beat Missouri in ’97, I thought you’d want to have them." The coach finished the anecdote by saying, "he was wrong."

The Flea Kicker

For those who weren't Nebraska football fans during the game in question, the Huskers were marching towards a bowl game at the end of the season as the number one team. Missouri, who had long been a conference doormat, was starting to show some signs of life. A win over the Cornhuskers would have announced their authority as a big player in the college football world.

They almost pulled it off.

With time running out and the Cornhuskers trailing the Tigers, Scott Frost, then the team's quarterback threw a desperate pass into the back of the Missouri endzone. The pass was intended for Shevin Wiggins, but he couldn't hold onto it as he was being knocked to the ground. As he fell, he blindly kicked out at the football, keeping it from hitting the ground and Matt Davison was able to dive and make the catch just before the ball landed.

The touchdown catch and ensuing extra point sent the game to overtime where the Nebraska football team eventually won, preserving their undefeated season. It was that win that allowed the Huskers to share in former head coach Tom Osborne's third and final national championship in four years. The play was certainly miraculous enough that someone might think any item tied to that moment would have some kind of good luck buried into it.

The fact that the man kept a pair of underwear for more than 20 years is also impressive in an odd kind of way. It's still not clear why he thought Scott Frost would want to be getting said old, used underwear.

It's a safe bet the Nebraska football coach has received plenty of presents since he took over the head job. It's also a safe bet none have been quite as weird as the Flea Kicker shorts.