There was a time when Eric Berry was one of the best players on the Kansas City Chiefs, if not one of the best players in the entire NFL. Now the veteran safety is looking for a new home. Unfortunately for him, the search for that new landing spot doesn't appear to be going particularly well. One report says that Berry is being passed over by several teams that are desperate for defensive backfield help.

That doesn't bode well for the cancer survivor who hasn't managed to play in many games in the last few years. There is one team that could be the perfect fit, according to other reports, though it's not clear whether the two sides are going to be able to arrive at an agreement.

Safety class is bulging

One of the reasons the former Kansas City Chief is having some problems finding a new team is because there are quite a few other safeties that are all looking for jobs this summer. Tre Boston, Glover Quin, Mike Mitchell, and Jonathan Cyprien are all on the prowl. Even when teams are "safety shopping" it doesn't appear many of those team are looking in Berry's direction.

The New York Giants are clearly looking to fill a safety roster spot. Boston and Cyprien have both apparently been talking to the NFC East team. The two veterans are also being given workouts by the team. It's worth noting just how far that means Eric Berry has fallen.

The former Kansas City Chiefs star looked to be on a Hall of Fame trajectory.

He was also the highest-paid player at his position.

He's played just four games in the last two seasons. That's certainly one of the reasons that his phone isn't ringing off the hook. It's also possible, as Arrowhead Addict pointed out, that he's still not 100 percent healthy and he is the one that is holding off on visits.

Cleveland Browns could be the answer for Eric Berry

Reports that Berry could be a fit for the Browns have been floating around for a few days now. The former Kansas City Chiefs' star was most recently mentioned by The Heavy who thinks he could be the kind of player that can really shore up the Browns' secondary.

Cleveland has already signed one safety this offseason, but it doesn't appear as though the team is all that solid about whether or not Morgan Burnett is going to do the job.

Like Berry, he's coming off a season where he was largely a disappointment. He was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers last year after playing just 11 games and recording 30 tackles.

It's possible that Eric Berry could be the guy that takes that spot on the Cleveland Browns. That could create quite the interesting matchup should that team matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs at some point in the 2019 playoffs. He has to get that phone call first though.