Jimmy Uso was arrested near Pensacola, Florida when he was driving his vehicle in the city. He was booked into the Escambia County Jail at 3.04 a.m under $1000 bond. He has been released since then but is scheduled to appear in the court on August 15.

According to TMZ, "Uso was speeding when an officer got behind him and noticed he was driving erratically and “swerving left and right.” We’re told when the cop pulled the wrestler over, he reeked of alcohol ... and when the officer tried to administer DUI tests on Uso, he refused. Uso was then arrested on a DUI charge and we’re told he was also hit with a speeding citation.”

Back in February, Jimmy was arrested for drunken altercation with police in Detroit.

According to TMZ, Naomi was driving on the wrong side of a one-way road. She was stopped by the cops. While Naomi talked to the cops, Jimmy Uso got out of the car and took off his shirt and jacket like he wanted to fight. This is the second time in a year that Jimmy Uso was arrested.

Recently in the latest episode of Raw Reunion, "The Champ" John Cena commented on the past arrests of The Usos while rapping. This is what he rapped, "Respect for calling me out, but ain't no way I'm getting bested," Cena rapped. "Ya'll look just like your mugshots! How was it getting arrested?"

Just three days after Cena roasted The Usos at Raw Reunion, Jimmy Uso again got arrested. The Usos have had great Wrestling matches all over the world with legendary tag teams like The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and The New Day.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi

According to Brad Shepherd's latest tweet, things are not looking good for Jimmy Uso and his wife Naomi after this incident. He wrote on Twitter, "According to a source in #WWE, Jimmy Uso is currently expected to take an Alicia Fox-esque break. If not now, then after SummerSlam. I’m told there’s a concern that his behavior could cost him to lose everything, including his marriage to WWE Superstar Naomi."

Naomi is a two time WWE SmackDown Women's Championship and one-time FCW Divas Championship.

The Usos: Jimmy and Jey

They are sons of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi who has had an amazing career in WWE as well. Some of the achievements of their father Rikishi are, WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time), World Tag Team Championship (2 times), WWF Intercontinental Championship (1 time) and lastly, the WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2015).

The achievements of The Usos are, WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (four times), WWE Tag Team Championship (twice) and FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (once). These guys have made their career together in the WWE. They have even made it to Wrestlemania Tag Team matches. Clearly, The Usos is one of the best tag teams of WWE history.

Since 2010, The Usos have been creating a splash in WWE's tag team division. Jimmy Usos' real name is Jonathan Fatu. He was born on August 22, 1985 at San Francisco, California of United States.

Apart from Jimmy Uso, another WWE tag team legend Jeff Hardy was also arrested for public intoxication at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on July 13. Like Jimmy Uso, Jeff Hardy is also having a history of such charges against him.

Some of the championships won by Jeff are, WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once), WWE United States Championship (once), WWE RAW Tag Team Championship (once), TNA World Heavyweight Championship (3 times), WCW Tag Team Championship (once), World Heavyweight Championship (twice), WWE Championship (once), WWE European Championship (once) and WWE Intercontinental Championship (four times).