Maurice Washington has largely kept quiet while the rest of the community surrounding Nebraska football guesses about just what is going to happen to the young man. The running back, who has been charged with a crime back in California, is waiting for that case to run its course.

While he waits, Husker nation talks about whether or not he is going to remain on the team. In those discussions, there is usually talk about whether or not he will spend any time in jail and whether or not he really committed a crime.

On Thursday afternoon, the Nebraska football player showed that all the talk surrounding him and what may become of his was starting to get to him a bit.

While the frustration was certainly warranted, it was a rather rare show of that frustration.

'Keep your 2 cents'

The Nebraska football player took to Twitter to try and stamp out all the talk about what might or might not happen with one tweet. "No matter what anyone has to say about me only God and myself know the truth so keep the 2 cents."

While he didn't aim the tweet at any one person or group, the meaning was certainly not even a little bit of a mystery. Considering that Washington is not someone who says much of anything on social media, it seems to be carrying some special weight.

Because it was Twitter, there were certainly a number of comments that were less than helpful. Those tended to be people who missed the point of the post entirely.

Others were quick to show that Nebraska football fans are willing to support the men who lace up the pads through thick and thin.

Nebraska football playing the waiting game

Washington's frustration likely also bubbled over because yet another step in the criminal case was both taken and pushed back.

Washington had another hearing on Thursday and the case was then pushed back one more time.

This time the delay means that the case will still be going on until after the Husker season kicks off. That isn't ideal for anyone. Most members of the university and the team were hoping there would be some kind of resolution before practice started, let alone the regular season.

There has been one hearing after another this summer. There were some who believed that each and every one of those hearings was going to be the one that finally made all of this go away.

With each hearing only pushing things back, the fans around the program are getting a bit more worried that something is going to go wrong. The members of the Nebraska football team are likely worried about that as well. Maurice Washington would just like everyone who isn't directly involved to butt out and stop trying to guess just what is going to happen when it's all said and done.