With the Los Angeles Lakers' regular season almost over, there will be plenty of time to reflect on what went wrong. The team won't be participating in the NBA Playoffs. It's nothing new for the younger players on the roster, but something LeBron James hasn't experienced in a while. During a recent sit-down interview, LeBron spoke about his failed first season with the team, as well as what went wrong in LA. It's expected that LeBron will be recruiting this summer, and he gave a new message for any NBA free agents who might be listening.

LeBron talks about 'disappointing' season

Spectrum SportsNet's Allie Clifton sat down with LeBron to discuss his injury, his upcoming offseason, and future expectations. He labeled his first season with the Lakers as "disappointing," mentioning the groin injury he suffered on Christmas Day.

He also added that Rajon Rondo sustained an injury the same game and was out the same length of time as he was. LeBron said, "now you take the two masterminds that we brought here to help lead these young guys off the floor for 11 weeks."

LeBron labeled that as "disappointing" for him because the team never could quite "get it back together" after that happened. He said the team had previously been in a great spot heading into that Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors.

He called having to sit on the bench "frustrating" because he couldn't contribute to the game's outcome as much as when he was sitting on the bench trying to give teammates advice.

He said he was trying to speed up his body to get back on the floor. When asked if he would've done anything differently during that injury time, he replied, "I would have been more patient."

LeBron admitted it's going to be interesting with no competitive basketball for over five months. It's the first time in over 13 years he'll experience that during the NBA Playoff time.

He said, "I will be watching the playoffs" to see what teams or players did well. He said this time off will give him an opportunity to "focus on me." That will include getting himself "back to 120 percent" in terms of his physical health.

LeBron delivers a new pitch to free agents

During a postgame interview after a loss, a member of the media asked LeBron about what he might tell free agents about coming to play for the Lakers. At that time, LeBron gave a message to free agents about what the Los Angeles Lakers franchise is about. He mentioned they will cater to the players first above all else.

The concept of bringing new talent to the roster came up in this new interview. King James said he's always operated with the idea of "this is what I have and let's make the most of it." However, LeBron added that the people in charge might say "we need this or that" and he'll give his opinion.

With that, LeBron also talked about next season's expectations and the Lakers' recruiting. "I'm looking forward to seeing who jumps in the car with me and want to take this ride, to the top," James said. He said he knows what he brings to the game in terms of his commitment to it and he's "never cheated the game."

While LeBron added he's not exactly guaranteeing they'll win a championship, he will guarantee that his body and mind will be in that championship mindset. Now it will be up to the Lakers' front office to make things happen this summer.