The NBA world was outraged on Friday after some controversial and shocking comments made by Paul Pierce, basically stated that he had a better career than the Miami Heat legend. "The truth" made this statement while on a broadcast for ESPN as a commentator.

Although many did not let these comments slide by, Dwyane Wade has officially responded to them today with such a subtle and classy move.

In other news around the league, reports show that LeBron James will be trying to recruit a superstar to come to the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming offseason.

The response by Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has been one of the classiest individuals in the league who has shied away from any kind of trouble and he finally responded in the simplest way to "the truth." According to various Twitter posts on his page, and the article from Hotnewhiphop, this is how he chose to respond.

This post here is tough to argue with as Wade let the post speak on the matter. Compared head to head, the Heat guard has more All-Star recognition, All-NBA, more All-Defense, and three rings compared to Pierce's one. The truth is that Paul Pierce was a confident player and is ever an analyst.

Wade also gave the same response to a post from NBA player Jared Dudley, who not only believes that he had a better career but who rates him as a top three SG of all-time. Hilariously, Dudley even jokingly accused Pierce of being on some kind of narcotics or form of drugs to be able to make such a statement to the public.

The statement from Pierce

Paul Pierce made the statement to the public on an ESPN broadcast where he confidently stated that he had a better career than Wade. The way he confronted this was in an argument that the Heat guard only has three rings because of teaming up with NBA stars such as LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Shaq.

He is basically trying to discredit the championships that he won because of the team around him in those years, compared to him.

According to an article from Complex, the commentator said, "If you give me Shaq, if you give me LeBron...I'd be sitting on 5 or 6 championships easy,"

Regardless of what Paul Pierce is trying to make with the championships, Wade was clearly a big part of the Miami Heat winning those championships and without him, it can be argued that they would not have won as some playoff series went down to the last game.

However, although many absolutely believe that Dwyane Wade was a better player than Paul Pierce and had a better career, some people defended the commentators' idea with their own set of statistics.

This individual used other advanced statistics to show that Paul Pierce had a point in the whole debate. Who do you think had a better career - Paul Pierce or Dwyane Wade?

Last season for the guard

Either way, anyone wants to look at the situation, Dwyane Wade is arguably one of the best shooting guards of all-time. It has to be seen whether he will get into the playoffs in his final season with the Miami Heat fighting for a playoff spot as the guard plans to retire.

The team currently sits at the ninth spot in the Eastern Conference, trailing closely behind both the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic with just a couple of games left in the season. It would be a fitting end to Wade's career to be in the playoffs for his final NBA season.