Brand new XFL 2020 rumors have emerged. After months of team speculation for locations, Vince McMahon's rival league for the NFL appears to have its first team's city. A new report indicates that the former home of the NFL's current Los Angeles Rams will have an XFL 2020 team. That's right, the city of St. Louis, Missouri will soon be celebrating their own football team again.

New XFL team's details

So far details are light when it comes to these XFL rumors. The new team doesn't have an official name, logo, colors, players, or staff yet. However, it is being reported, by KSDK, that they'll play at the Dome in America's Center.

That's the former home of the St. Louis Rams. The team played there until the end of the 2015 season before moving to Los Angeles. The new XFL team will reportedly play five games in the Dome at America's Center and the other five away at yet-to-be-named city locations.

The Rams spent 20 seasons in St. Louis and that included two appearances in the Super Bowl. In 1999 they won the game 23-16 over the Tennessee Titans behind quarterback Kurt Warner and running back Marshall Faulk.

Since leaving St. Louis, the Los Angeles Rams are now enjoying top team status over in the NFC this season.

If the report holds up, it marks the first time there will be an XFL team in this location. St. Louis currently boasts Major League Baseball's Cardinals and the National Hockey League's Blues for other professional sports teams.

More XFL city locations coming soon

The KSDK report via Corey Miller also says there will be more teams announced very soon. Sources indicate the other seven squads for the XFL's return could be announced next week.

It's unknown where those locations are, but speculation has been rampant for several cities. They include some of the former locations of the XFL from its one season way back in 2001.

One of the favorites is Orlando, while cities such as San Antonio, Columbus, and Oklahoma City have all been mentioned in various speculative reports.

The 2001 league had XFL teams located in Birmingham, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, and San Francisco. It's believed the XFL was looking at locations with a good-sized population and some sort of stadium they could use. That might mean looking at similar cities as they used before, or cities where college football is rampant. We took a previous speculative look at five cities that should get XFL teams.

Many fans across the United States are anxiously awaiting the arrival of more teams. The XFL appears to be on track towards providing a competitive product towards the NFL.

Vince McMahon indicated during his press conference for the return of the league that it would take out the politics and offer more football. There may also be former NFL stars or college stars who don't quite make it to the NFL appearing under the XFL's new spotlight.

That said, St. Louis will be the first location, per these XFL rumors. What other cities will get teams for the league?