The Kansas City Chiefs wasted no time in cutting their star running back Kareem Hunt after a video was released by TMZ showing him abusing a woman. The video showed Hunt shove a woman to the floor in a Cleveland hotel. The video was from February. When asked about the incident, the woman claimed that Hunt attacked her but others in attendance said that they told her to leave and she began to yell out racial slurs, prompting the actions.

Despite that, there is never a reason for a man to physically attack a woman and the video was damaging to Kareem Hunt as a football player and as a human being.

The Kansas City Chiefs released Hunt on Friday -- but it wasn't just the video that caused them to drop their star running back.

The real reason the Chiefs cut Kareem Hunt

The Kansas City Chiefs said that they released Kareem Hunt because they interviewed him about the incident. They said that, after witnessing the video, it is clear that Hunt lied to them about what happened. Due to his lies, the team chose to cut him rather than wait for the investigation to conclude.

This was a huge move and one that shows how the Kansas City Chiefs view the entire incident. The Chiefs are 9-2 and are considered the best team right now in the AFC. Kareem Hunt currently sits at the fifth spot in rushing this season, with 824 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground.

In his rookie season in 2016, Hunt ran for 1,327 yards.

Hunt was a huge star, but what he did -- and the lies he told to cover it up -- proved that the Chiefs could not trust him moving forward. The NFL also put Hunt on the commissioner's exempt list, which keeps him from playing even if another team thought they should take a chance on picking him up.

Who will replace Kareem Hunt in Kansas City?

The Kansas City Chiefs now have two days to figure out their backfield so they can keep working towards a chance to play in a Super Bowl when the season ends. The good news is that while Kareem Hunt was a major star on the offense, they have someone on the team ready to step in.

Spencer Ware will now become the lead running back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

While Kareem Hunt is the second-best in NFL history with a 4.75 yard-per-carry average, Spencer Ware ranks fourth at 4.69. Ware looked like he could become a star in 2016 when he ran for 921 yards but the Chiefs drafted Hunt and Ware tore his PCL before the 2017 season.

Now, with Kareem Hunt gone, Spencer Ware will get a second chance to prove that he is a star for the Kansas City Chiefs.