LeBron James said he would be willing to cede part of his responsibilities for the betterment of the team, working to make the Los Angeles Lakers a team set up for long-term future success. The Lakers had some promising young talent on the court and LeBron was coming in to help turn them into a championship caliber team. However, saying that he was willing to change was one thing -- doing it is another.

When the Lakers opened the season losing more games than they were winning, LeBron James put on the company face and said that he knew it would be a work-in-progress.

However, behind the scenes, LeBron was reportedly seething. After a Magic Johnson meeting where he blew up at head coach Luke Walton, some wondered if LeBron had a hand in that. LeBron even said that no one wants to be around him when his patience runs out, finishing by saying "I'm serious."

LeBron James patience is running out

The Los Angeles Lakers started to turn things around. They had a winning record and moved into the playoff portion of the Western Conference rankings. Amazingly, despite his controversy on the court, Rajon Rondo was the second best shooter on the entire team -- hitting over 40-percent from three-point range -- as the point guard.

Rajon Rondo broke his hand and LeBron James has started to take control of the offense.

That is possibly a very good thing for the Los Angeles Lakers. According to ESPN, a source within the Lakers' organization has said that James is completely ignoring the play calls that head coach Luke Walton makes in a game and is just doing what he wants to do.

LeBron and the Lakers struggling

LeBron James has reportedly taken complete control of the Los Angeles Lakers offense and Luke Walton is struggling to make it work anyway.

Remember, just because LeBron is one of the NBA's top stars, it does not mean that he can help the rest of the team when he is hogging the ball the entire game.

Since Rondo was injured, and LeBron has taken control of the offense, the Lakers are still winning. James and the Lakers have won seven of their last 10 games but it is James carrying the load.

Even though they just lost to the Denver Nuggets in a blow-out, they are still playing well -- and it is about LeBron James doing more in every game.

Now, there are concerns about LeBron James, at the age of 33, starting to play more and do more in every game -- especially this early in the season. He has not shown that he will start to break down, but that is a possibility. Also, if the Los Angeles Lakers continue to win ugly or lose big, James taking control away from Luke Walton does not show promise that the coach will be around much longer either.