When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers the first time, his return with the Miami Heat was a huge deal. The fans hated him and heckled him the entire game. Many fans burned his jerseys after he left and they let him hear about it when the Heat came to town. LeBron responded by scoring 38 points, including 24 in the third quarter when his team put the Cavs away. Miami went on to make it to the NBA Finals and the Cavaliers finished the season with their worst record in years.

Now, on Nov. 21, it was time for LeBron James to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers once again -- this time as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Things were different this time. LeBron had brought an NBA title to Cleveland and led them to four straight NBA Finals.

The response was different.

Cleveland welcomes LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers have only won two games and JR Smith, who helped LeBron James make it to the NBA Finals, said this week that he believes the Cavs are tanking games and throwing the season. The Cavs fans surely miss LeBron James but they understand and actually gave him a standing ovation when he came out for the game.

The Cleveland Cavaliers then honored LeBron James during the first official timeout of the game when they played an emotional tribute video.

It included the NBA Championship that he brought the Cavaliers and also a bit about the I Promise School that he set up to help kids in the Cleveland area.

Then, towards the end of the game, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans had more to cheer for.

The Cavs led up until the final few minutes before LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers put it away in a close, 109-105 victory.

LeBron discusses his return to Cleveland

LeBron James finished with a double-double, scoring 32 points with 14 rebounds and seven assists.

After the game, LeBron James was very grateful for the reception that he received from the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans during the game.

James said that it meant a lot to himself and his family and friends to receive the reception that he did in the game. He said it was important both for his friends and family in attendance as well as those back in Los Angeles.

He went on to say that he gave everything he could during the 11 years that he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers to the team, the fans and the city. He said that included what he did on and off the court where he tried to represent the city with respect. He said he prided himself as being a leader on the floor and a role model off the court.

Finally, when talking about the tribute video, LeBron James said that he missed a lot of it since he was talking game in the huddle.

However, he said that he appreciates the Cleveland Cavaliers fans and he wanted to salute them after the video. He also mentioned that he paid a visit to the I Promise School that morning to see "my kids."