One NBA star said that LeBron James is about to set up a super team with the Los Angeles Lakers, and it will start next season. Jarrett Jack played in the NBA for nine different teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers where he won the ninth annual Austin Carr Good Guy Award. His most recent stop with the New York Knicks last season. Jack is currently not playing in the NBA right now, the New Orleans Pelicans waiving him in September, but that makes his most recent proclamations interesting. His last stop saw him playing alongside one of the top free agents for 2019 in Anthony Davis.

With him playing with Davis for a short time, it seems interesting that Jack is saying that Davis is one of two stars that plans to join LeBron in Los Angeles next season.

Anthony Davis

Jarrett Jack played for the New Orleans Hornets back from 2010-12, starting in his second season there. After leaving for the Golden State Warriors, the Hornets drafted a superstar in Anthony Davis and became the Pelicans. Jack then returned in 2016-17 for two games with the team. He was also with them this year again before the season started, and worked with Davis first-hand.

Jack then tweeted this:

He also responded to a comment by saying that in eight months, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant will join LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers, creating a new super team and finished by saying "quote me." Now, a lot of people have hinted at this but not all of them were on the same team as Davis just two months ago.

Kevin Durant

The problem with what Jack is suggesting is that the Los Angeles Lakers would have to be able to afford this. Now, a lot of the deals that they signed alongside LeBron James were one-year deals so that they could afford to sign a huge star next season - one huge star. They can't sign players like Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis without shaving a lot of cap space and gutting the team of its young core.

However, Kevin Durant has proved that he is willing to take less money to go somewhere he wants to play. He cost himself millions in Oklahoma City to take the easier route to the NBA Finals with a team he proved he was not capable of beating in Golden State.

Now, there are two things to keep in mind. One is that there is turmoil within the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant has been rumored to want to leave.

He is a great star but has little fortitude when it comes to standing up for himself. Second, Anthony Davis might force the Pelicans to trade him before he leaves them with nothing in return.

Jarrett Jack was an NBA star up until this season and knows more than many reporters. Could LeBron James be ready to build his next superteam with the Los Angeles Lakers?