This past Monday, things got heated between Golden State Warriors stars. The incident involved a late-game play in which Draymond Green dribbled the ball down court and lost it in the final seconds. Just before he did that, Kevin Durant was begging him for the ball for the final shot and became irate when Green didn't pass the ball to him. KD and Green's spat carried over into the team's huddle ahead of overtime, and then into the locker room after they lost the game. Now, new information is coming in about the comments Green made.

Green's comments to Durant

A lot of things were said between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant during their recent Warriors incident. However, Green made some comments resulting in the Warriors' decision to suspend him one game with no pay. Among the things that were said were Draymond calling KD a "b---h" at least a few times, per Yahoo Sports. Green said more than that, though. There were also comments Green made about KD's free agency.

Reportedly, Green suggested that the Golden State Warriors don't need KD. In fact, he told him "We don't need you. We won without you. Leave." Green speaks truth there, as the Warriors won a title before KD arrived. They won two more with him, but one has to wonder if they would have won both of those without him.

That's debatable.

Warriors' NBA title chances, KD decision

Recently, Draymond Green commented on the incident that went down. He said he and Durant talked and feel the Warriors will move on from all of this. The matter at hand is trying to win a third-straight championship and their fourth title within the past five years.

Sportsbooks such as Bovada continue to list Golden State as overwhelming favorites to win the 2019 NBA Finals.

Right now they're -150 favorites, with the next closest teams the Toronto Raptors (+850) and Boston Celtics (+950).

If they are back on track, it seems like it could happen.

A third NBA Finals MVP isn't out of the question for Kevin Durant, which would begin to start discussions of his greatness in the all-time picture. It would be a three-peat for one of the NBA's most dominant dynasties in recent time. It could also be the end of that dynasty, sort of.

Kevin Durant's NBA free agency decision looms. He's set to become a free agent in summer 2019, which could have the Warriors making some major decisions. They want to keep one of the main stars of their dynasty. They may have to decide if they should part ways with another, such as Draymond Green.

However, NBA rumors continue to hint that KD is looking towards joining LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. That could lead the duo to some more titles for their resumes.