The Nebraska football team knows that if the Scott Frost turnaround is really going to happen, it needs an infusion of talent. That infusion started with the arrival of Frost and company. One need only look at freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez to see that the talent level is already starting to go up. The Huskers are working hard on the next influx of talent with top-rated recruits like Noa Pola-Gates and Wandale Robinson. Both recruits are being chased hard by the Cornhuskers. Darien Chase could be a Husker as soon as Thursday afternoon.

One of the reasons the Huskers are apparently having some great success in the recruiting front lately is because the coaches aren't the only ones doing the work.

Current players appear to be noticing they can have a direct impact on how a potential teammate sees the program. Nebraska is using all of its weapons to its advantage in order to try and restock.

Players joining in the fun for Nebraska football

Adrian Martinez is one player that has been active in making it clear he wants to be a part of the recruiting effort for the Huskers. This happened most often a few weeks ago when Nebraska offered California athlete Jalen Cropper. Martinez didn't go over the top, but he did post a comment on Twitter congratulating Cropper with the message "Congrats bro...Fresno to Lincoln." This isn't something that takes a great deal of effort, but it can have quite the impact in the long run.

If nothing else, these high school kids can be quite impressed by college stars noticing when they are being recruited to their schools.

Cam Taylor is another player who has gotten in on the act.

Shortly after the Huskers won their first game of the season, running backs coach Ryan Held took to Twitter with a message to possible future Nebraska football players. "Our Head Coach cares about his players. Every decision he makes is in the best interest of the Men Of Nebraska Football. We are building this program brick by brick.

We just need more Dawgs to come in our recruiting classes to keep moving this forward. Get in now!" Taylor was quick to retweet the message with his own message telling kids to "come be part of something special here."

Recruiting approach all part of new culture

Since Frost and his staff have been at Nebraska, they have talked about putting a new culture into place. Certainly, players getting involved in recruiting isn't exclusive to Lincoln. It still feels a little different to watch the Nebraska football team's players team up with the coaching staff as a kind of one-two punch on the recruiting front.