The Nebraska football team has been ramping up its recruiting efforts in the last few weeks. That includes a spate of new offers over the weekend. One of the players that they offered quite a while ago is going to be announcing his commitment in just a couple of weeks. Before he announces that commitment it appears the Huskers are trying to get Wandale Robinson to Lincoln one more time. Scott Frost and company are apparently trying to get that done because they feel like the all-purpose back is now leaning towards Nebraska. One of the top recruiting services in the country feels the same way.

Steve Wiltfong of 247Sports has cast a crystal ball that has Robinson leaning towards the Huskers.

Nebraska football overcoming long odds?

There was a time when the Cornhuskers were considered a long shot to land the talented running back. Kentucky or Ohio State looked like they were running neck and neck for Wandale Robinson's services. With the announcement coming in the next few weeks, it's nothing if not a major piece of good news that Nebraska is both still in the running and now the apparent front-runner.

It appears as though the Cornhuskers getting their act together on offense played a major part in the running back's changing his mind.

That sounds about right considering he was clearly watching what Nebraska was doing in its game against Minnesota.

During that game, he tweeted out the number 398, which was when the Huskers had 398 yards on offense. They ended with more than 650.

That has to bode well for a back who already thought he saw a place for himself in Frost's offense.

Still a long couple of weeks for the Huskers

Even if Nebraska is leading the way for Robinson, it's going to be a long few weeks before he officially announces. There's no indication Ohio State, Kentucky or anyone else is going to back off and just let the Cornhuskers have him.

For those who are looking for good signs, it should be pointed out that Wiltfong has a better accuracy rating than most on 247Sports.

It doesn't seem as if the analyst is going to make that kind of a production with nothing to back it up. If the Huskers are indeed in the lead at this point, it's going to be all about showing that the offense has indeed figured things out. That is going to play a major part in making sure other recruits, not just Wandale Robinson see the Nebraska football team as one that is turning the corner. Now is no time to return to a hapless state.