The New England Patriots are heading on the road to Buffalo, to play against the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field, this upcoming Monday (October 29). With the Patriots being 5-2, so far, in the season, many say that this is a guaranteed victory. However, we shouldn't be so sure, yet, due to some of the close scores that the Patriots have seen so far. The Patriots are also in the Week 7 NFL power rankings.

The Patriots will be heading into the game on a four-game winning streak. This momentum may propel them to be victorious against the Bills, who have lost their last two games.

The Buffalo Bills are struggling this season, without even being able to put over 20 points on the board in one single game. This may spell disaster for the Bills. I support this report of Nathan Peterman starting this week.

Will the Bills defense be able to hold up?

The Bills defense has not looked so hot this season. Last game they had zero sacks and fumbled the ball twice. The Bills will need to step it up on Monday and may rely on home field advantage throughout the game. The Bills will need to go against one of the best NFL offenses and quarterbacks in the history of the NFL (Tom Brady). This could spell trouble, judging by the five points the Bills put up in Week 7.

So who are the bets on?

The bets for the game clearly lie with the New England Patriots. However, I wouldn't be so sure about it, judging by the past performances of the Patriots. All the winning can clearly get in their heads, like we saw in Week 2, when the Patriots lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Much is still at stake for both of these teams and the game could go either way.

It's too early to call a clear winner, and it will surely be an interesting game to watch. The game will be shown on ESPN Monday night at 8:15 PM ET. We will then see who the true winner is between the underdog and the favorite.

Overall, the game will be a very interesting one, and it will have a lot of impact on both teams running toward the playoffs.

I feel that Buffalo has no shot at the playoffs, so putting the Patriots down for a win could really help their division out. They will need to play tough in order to secure a victory over the New England Patriots.

Lastly, the game will take place in Buffalo, which is the only thing that is in support of the Bills. The game will be hard fought. The Patriots have a lot at stake as other teams, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, are working toward a seed in the playoffs and a chance to play in the Super Bowl.