The Nebraska football team has been ramping up its recruiting as the season enters its second half. As part of that ramping up, the Huskers hosted a number of hot prospects during the Minnesota game. The good news is that the Cornhuskers won the game. That might be really good news if they impressed some of the best players that came to check out the Cornhuskers in person.

Among the prospects that took in the game on Saturday was one of the best safeties in the 2019 class. Noa Pola-Gates came to Lincoln from Gilbert, Arizona and seemed to like what he saw.

That's also good news. It's possible Nebraska has a bit of a secret weapon in landing the prospect. Pola-Gates has a cousin that already goes to school in Lincoln so he would have some family should he choose the Huskers as where he wants to go.

Nebraska football could be a family affair for Gates

The Huskers have an uphill climb if they are going to nab a player of the caliber of Noa Pola-Gates. 247Sports has him ranked just outside the top 150 players in the country. He's also the number three player in the state of Arizona. He's also got quite a few of the best teams in the country courting him. That's why a cousin already going to school in Lincoln could be a bit of a secret weapon.

Keana Polamalu plays softball for the Cornhuskers and could be the best recruiter of her cousin Scott Frost could hope for.

It's not as though she would be the sole reason why Gates would commit to Nebraska but it's at least a bullet in the gun when the coaching staff is talking about selling points. They're going to need to get as many bullets in that gun if they're going to want to lure him in. A good portion of the family was in town along with Gates to check out the game against Minnesota.

Huskers have stiff competition for Noa Pola-Gates

If the Cornhuskers are going to find a way to get the safety to campus they are going to need to overcome hurdles. Despite being from Arizona, the 4-star prospect is considered a heavy lean to Alabama.

If he doesn't pick the Crimson Tide for some reason, he's got a whole host of FBS schools coming after him.

Arizona State, Penn State, and Indiana are just a couple of the 15 schools that are wanting him to come to their schools. There is another weapon in the Cornhuskers' arsenal. Noa Pola-Gates got to see the Nebraska football team get their first win of the Scott Frost era. The atmosphere was clearly special for anyone who was there during the end of that game. Maybe that could be enough if the coaches can continue getting in his ear.