LeBron James is a magnet for all NBA fans. Either you love him or you hate him. Either way, he seems to stir up controversy everywhere he goes, especially when he plays in New York -- and yesterday was no exception.

Cavs clinch Central title

LeBron James let his shoes do the talking last night at Madison Square Garden, literally. James once again dominated the court vs. the Knicks, as he poured in 26 points and 11 assists, helping the Cavaliers get their 50th win on the season and officially clinching the Central Division title by beating the New York Knicks 123-109 on Monday night.

The win helped the Cavs reached 50 wins for the fourth time in a row and helped LeBron set another NBA record, becoming the first player to lead a team to 10 straight division titles. Last night’s victory helped Cleveland pull within a half-game of Philadelphia for the No. 3 spot in the Eastern Conference.

While all that seems par for the course, it is James’ shoes that are stealing today’s headlines.

The King is in

LeBron James isn’t bashful, basketball fans know this. He showed that once again last night as he was apparently trying to get a message across to not just the New York Knicks, but the entire NBA.

According to Cleveland19.com, James was wearing shoes with a message, and the Knicks heard him loud and clear.

Wearing a left shoe that read "I'm" and a right one with the word “King,” James was clearly responding to an incident that occurred earlier this season against the Knicks.

Last November, LeBron and New York’s Enes Kanter got into a bit of a scuffle, if you can call it that. Words were exchanged and that was that. Well, not really.

Enes went on to say that James can call himself, "King, queen or princess" but his team is going to fight. You have to give credit to Kanter who continued on to the New York press, after the game in November, that he and his teammates won't let James come into MSG and "punk the Knicks."

Evidently, James didn't forget the incident as he planned this message out in advance.

According to Slam Online, James was asked after the game if he "had any input on the design of the sneakers." He calmly answered the reporter with a smile and said "Yeah, I did." So now it is off to the postseason for the Cavs and it is summer vacation for the New York Knicks. That means this story can't continue until the 2018 regular season begins. Unless of course one of them decides to take to social media. You can never rule that one out.