Earlier this week, Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito fired his agent in a very public post. This happened after the team negotiated a pay cut for the Pro Bowl guard. Today, Incognito announced his retirement, citing medical reasons for his decision. According to his doctor, Incognito was suffering from health problems that would have been made worse by playing football.

Several members of the Buffalo Bills team were not happy to see him leave.

Running back Lesean Mccoy even offered him straight cash to stick around.

LeSean McCoy's Offer

Any running back knows that the key to success is to have a great offensive line that helps create holes and open space. Incognito was a huge portion of McCoy's success last season and a big reason why the Bills were able to make the playoffs. Hoping that Incognito would stick around, LeSean McCoy offered a substantial payment to Incognito on Instagram.

Clearly LeSean would love to have Incognito on his side next year, but unfortunately the Bills will have to be out looking for a replacement. Perhaps McCoy can truly convince him to stay with a cash bribe, but it certainly looks like medical reasons will leave Sean McDermott and the team in a tough spot.

Future of the Bills offensive line

It's starting to look like Buffalo will now be forced to focus on rebuilding the big men up front on offense with both Richie Incognito and Eric Wood leaving the team. The Bills might have had aspirations to trade up to draft a quarterback, but with more holes opening up on the roster, it could make sense for Buffalo to focus elsewhere.

The Bills rushing attack was one of the best in the league last season, and even with a new quarterback, they will certainly lean on LeSean McCoy. If there are no holes to run through, Buffalo's offense will struggle even more than it did last season.

NFL draft

The Bills currently hold the #12 and #21 pick in the first round of the NFL draft.

Prior to Incognito's departure, it looked like the Buffalo front office would trade up in the first round to draft a signal caller. The team also holds several other draft picks that could have been used for ammunition to trade up. Now that plan would appear to be unclear.

If LeSean McCoy gets his way, Incognito will be back next year, opening up holes for Buffalo's star rusher. But Richie seemed pretty final in his goodbye post, suggesting that the reason he was leaving had nothing to do with his pay and everything to do with his medical situation.

So even for 300k in cash, Richie will probably not be coming back.