Are the Cleveland Cavaliers on the verge of making a blockbuster trade to obtain Kawhi Leonard? This type of move could not only bolster the Cavaliers' odds of winning another NBA championship, but it could be just what they need to keep LeBron James from leaving next season when he hits the free agency market.

All-in for Kawhi?

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the game today. However, if the San Antonio Spurs were to put him on the trade block you know they would want a pretty penny in return.

Leonard has only played in nine games this season due to his nagging quadricep injury.

With two years left on his contract, if the Spurs were seriously thinking of trading him away it most likely would be sooner than later. So could Leonard soon be teaming up with LeBron James? If Cleveland could pull off a deal it would surely strengthen their grip on remaining one of the top teams in the NBA, but what would they have to give up in return?

Possible trade scenarios and why it could happen

For Leonard to be traded to the Cavaliers one thing would surely have to be involved -- that nice first-round draft pick Cleveland has in their back pocket. That seems to be a must in making this deal possible. As 12 and Up indicates, Cleveland holds Brooklyn's first-round draft pick in the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft this June, so any trade talks would likely revolve around and include that selection.

While that may be a high price to pay if you are the Cavaliers, think of it this way. No one knows, for better or worse, what that future star may bring in this year's draft. In Kawhi Leonard, you know what you have already, and that is a superstar.

Outside of the draft pick, which players would the Cavaliers have to depart with to put Leonard on the 2018 roster?

One thought suggests that Tristan Thompson, Cedi Osman and the first-round pick Cleveland holds could get it done. As pointed out on Fansided, this is a win-win for both teams. The Spurs would get young talent in the 23-year-old Osman, along with a strong rebounder and solid defender in Thompson. Not to mention that the pick from Brooklyn will likely be a lottery one, which could be a top-five selection.

One other scenario had Thompson and George Hill heading to San Antonio along with the first-round pick.

Either way, this deal could be one that would help both clubs in the future, and a trade like this almost seems like a must for Cleveland if they are going to hold on to James for the rest of his career. The last thing Cavs fans want is a sequel to “The Decision.”