isaiah thomas was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in late August this year, but he still hasn't made an appearance for the team. After a few preseason games and 18 regular-season games, Thomas is still sidelined and the team is hoping he will come back soon. The point guard suffered an injury during last season's playoffs, and surprisingly, this injury came while he was playing against the Cavaliers.

Despite his injury, the Cavaliers took the risk and traded Kyrie Irving, one of their best players, for him. At the moment, it looks that the trade was won by the Boston Celtics, who currently have the best record in the entire NBA.

However, there is no doubt that Isaiah Thomas will be one of the biggest contributors for the Cavaliers, and he might be back to action very soon.

Isaiah Thomas is making a quick recovery

The latest update on Isaiah Thomas' injury is positive for the Cavs. While the point guard is not ready to make a return yet, he has taken another step towards his recovery. He continues to practice hard and work on his shot, but he also started participating in a contact practice.

The Cleveland Cavaliers began to take contact during his practice yesterday, which is definitely a great sign. Considering how bad his situation was a month ago, this makes the Cavaliers more optimistic and he will hopefully be back to action before 2018.

The Cavaliers haven't revealed Thomas' return date yet. However, in one of their most recent updates, they made it clear that he should return by the end of the year. A team source said that the point guard hasn't had any setbacks, so it won't be surprising if he comes back to action in December.

LeBron James talks about Isaiah Thomas

LeBron James recently about Isaiah Thomas and his eventual return to action. James said that Thomas is a veteran and he knows what to expect, but that the team also has to figure out how to get him involved as quickly as possible. The Cavaliers forward also said that Thomas could use a few games as a team practice.

“It depends on the schedule if we’re going to be able to have practice time for him to get kind of used to the guys,” LeBron commented. “But I think if the schedule is not in the favor of that, he’s going to get it on the court and sometimes that’s some of the best teacher, too, when you learn on the fly on the floor."

There is no doubt that the Cavaliers will deal with a few issues until Thomas gets used to his teammates, but at the end of the day, they will benefit a lot from him.