Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Brooklyn Nets last night in what turned out to be a tough game for both teams. At the end, it was the Cavaliers who came out on top, beating the Nets by 10 points and winning their sixth straight game. With this victory, Cleveland is not only half a game behind the second-seeded Detroit Pistons, and if the win streak continues, we might see this team at the top very soon.

If it wasn't for LeBron James and his spectacular fourth-quarter performance, the Cavaliers may not have won the game. However, James took over, showing once again why he is the best basketball player in the world.

He destroyed the Nets, earning a valuable win for his team. James is not clutch? Think twice before saying something like that again!

D-Wade comments on LeBron

Beside LeBron, Dwyane Wade put on a great show and was the second-best player on the Cavaliers last night. The 35-year-old shooting guard played 28 minutes off the bench, scoring 18 points on 8-for-13 shooting. In addition, the former Miami Heat guard added 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and a steal to his stat line.

LeBron James finished the night with 33 points on 11-for-17 shooting. He also made four three-pointers and he had 6 rebounds and 5 assists. What makes this performance so impressive is the fact that James had only 10 points before the fourth quarter.

The Cavaliers were tied with the Nets entering the final period, but the four-time MVP took over, scoring 23 points in the quarter!

Dwyane Wade enjoyed watching his best friend go off and beat the Nets, and he used his Twitter to share his thoughts on it.

Wade said LeBron was nasty in the fourth quarter, and well, it is very hard to disagree with him. At the end, the Cavaliers won the game by 10 points, extending their win streak to six games.

LeBron the best clutch player this season

Thanks to the amazing performance against the Nets, LeBron James is now the best clutch player in the NBA.

He is tied with Kyrie Irving in clutch scoring with 5.4 points, but he's been much more efficient, converting 65.6 percent of his shots. Additionally, James has been on fire from the long range, making 50 percent of his three-pointers in the clutch. Cleveland has a +2.5 point differential with him on the floor in these situations.

Kyrie Irving, James' former teammate, is ranked second in clutch scoring average, while the third position is taken by Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat.