LeBron James is arguably the best small forward in the NBA history, yet many basketball fans and analysts consider him one of the greatest playermakers as well. Some of the best playermakers are point guards, but James' athleticism and high basketball IQ allow him to run the floor and do it incredibly well. LeBron is something in between a point guard and a small forward, he is a point forward, and he is probably the best point forward of all time.

Gilbert Arenas, the former Washington Wizards guard, recently talked about the NBA and point guards.

While Arenas usually has good points when it comes to the NBA, he may have just gone too far with his latest comments. The former All-Star unveiled his top point guards in the league, but he left out one of the best players, Stephen Curry.

LeBron is one of the top point guards

With 8.5 assists per game, LeBron James is currently averaging his third-highest assisting average in his career. He has proven us multiple times that he is capable of being a fantastic playmaker, especially this season considering that the Cleveland Cavaliers cannot count on their injured point guards.

According to Gilbert Arenas, LeBron James is the second-best point guard in the NBA. The only point guard better than LeBron is Chris Paul.

Beside Paul and LeBron, Arenas ranks John Wall third among point guards and he believes that Damian Lillard is the fourth-best playmaker in the league today. Surprisingly, another forward made his top 5 list as he picked rookie Ben Simmons for the fifth spot on the list.

Stephen Curry not on the list

While the former Wizards point guard picked amazing players for his top 5 list, one has to wonder why he refused to pick Stephen Curry as one of the best point guards.

Curry is a two-time MVP and he led his Golden State Warriors to two championship titles in the last three years. This season, he is having another great year, but Arenas doesn't believe he should be considered a top playmaker.

"I can't put Curry as a Top 5 point guard...

He hasn't actually led the Golden State Warriors in assists," said Arenas, pointing out how Curry should be averaging at least 12 assists per game with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant on his team. "If I pass the ball to Klay Thompson 15 times ... that means I get six assists a game. Then you have KD on your team, pick-and-roll pass it back -- he's gonna make at least six of those."

Additionally, Arenas is not a fan of James Harden's turnover numbers, and that is why the Houston Rockets guard is not on his list.