LaVar Ball will always have something to say about his son, Lonzo Ball, and the latter's team, the Los Angeles Lakers. On November 17, following the Lakers' home loss to the Phoenix Suns, LaVar slammed the team's coaches. According to him, they are "soft." He added that they do not know how to coach Lonzo. The head of the Ball Family made it clear that he has no issue with Lakers head coach Luke Walton, though he has a problem with losing.

Walton downplayed LaVar's statements when asked about it before the Lakers defeated the Chicago Bulls on November 21.

If Walton seems to be cool with what LaVar stated about him and the coaching staff, a former Lakers head coach had a message for the elder Ball.

TMZ recently reached out to Byron Scott to ask his thoughts regarding the LaVar Ball fiasco. Scott coached the Lakers from 2014 to 2016.

Scott said that if he was Walton, he would tell the media and LaVar that he has a better coaching experience, especially in the NBA. Scott added that he would want LaVar to "shut up and just stay put." The 2008 Coach of the Year also mentioned that it looks like LaVar is trying to land a "coaching job" with what he is doing, which he called "laughable."

As a father, Scott hopes LaVar lets Lonzo do his thing.

He explained that LaVar already did his job, and it is now time for the Lakers' newcomer and his brothers to "cherish these moments" and "enjoy life."

Lonzo Ball emerges in loss to Kings

It appears that all the talk surrounding LaVar Ball failed to affect Lonzo Ball. As the drama died down, the Los Angeles Lakers rookie put up one of his most efficient performances yet.

In a 113-102 defeat against the Sacramento Kings on the road, Lonzo was a bright spot for the Lakers. In nearly 40 minutes of action, he tallied 11 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists, and a steal. He shot 4-of-8 from the field, including 3-of-5 from three-point territory. It was an excellent shooting night for him, sadly they lost.

Battle of Los Angeles

Lonzo Ball can make LaVar Ball proud on November 27 when the Los Angeles Lakers rematch the Los Angeles Clippers. The first time these squads met was during the NBA regular season debut of Lonzo, and the Lakers got blown out.

Now, Lonzo and the Lakers have an opportunity to avenge that defeat and return on the winning track. As mentioned, the Lakers (8-11) are coming off a defeat to the Sacramento Kings. The Clippers (6-11), on the other hand, ended a nine-game losing slide on November 22.