NBA All-Star Chris Bosh feels he can still play basketball if he secures medical clearance. But even if he does, teams are reluctant to sign him up considering it would be a high-risk move. Could all that change if he were to play at least one game to exit the sport with honor?

If so, the ideal teams to do that would be the Toronto Raptors or the Miami Heat. Right now, there is no official word of possibly doing that for Bosh. How about the Los Angeles Lakers?

Bosh in Hollywood

ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk shared a photo showing Bosh at Lakers practice via Twitter.

The 33-year-old player was spotted beside new General Manager Rob Pelinka as a guest. Could his appearance lead to something more?

Bosh hired Pelinka to be his agent back in November 2016 before the latter was named the Lakers GM. The appearance could be nothing more than a visit with Bosh technically grounded with his medical condition.

Spotting a star like him in practices will spur plenty of talks, including a possible return to the court or in a coaching capacity. A return is sketchy for now while Bosh taking up a coaching gig doesn’t seem to be on his itinerary.

He did mention in an interview with Larry King that he wanted to stay around basketball but sounded reluctant to the idea of coaching.

Sign, suit-up and retire

Bosh still wants to play ball even if his life is on the line. There is his family to think of, meaning the veteran player needs to check out other ways to stay with the game he loves.

As far as his NBA career is concerned, Bosh could get a special deal wherein he would be signed up, fielded in (for a short period of time) and then retire from the game. It could be similar to the one Paul Pierce had, a one-game deal for him to officially retire as a Boston Celtic.

Nostalgic and fitting as that may sound, giving Bosh that privilege would best be done with the Raptors or the Heat.

The Lakers don’t have past ties with the 33-year-old, except for his former agent in Pelinka. Could the Lakers GM be up to something?

For now, seeing Bosh as a guest at Lakers practice may be nothing more than a friendly visit. Something could materialize moving forward or then again maybe not. Despite his reluctance, Pelinka may be trying to convince Bosh to work as one of the team’s assistant coaches. The Lakers do have promising big men in Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr. and Brandon Ingram, protégés who could pick up a tip or two from the former first-round pick of the 2003 NBA Draft.