Manny Pacquiao remains busy with his political commitments, meaning boxing has temporarily taken a back seat. An official announcement for that much-awaited rematch against Jeff Horn has yet to be made but the latest reports connected to the booking may have shelved that rematch.

According to a report by, Brisbane has officially secured the rights of a potential Pacquiao vs Horn rematch. This was revealed by the Australian’s promoter, Dean Lonergan in a press conference with the media. This means that should the eight-time division champ agree to a rematch, it can only be held in Brisbane once again.

Will Pacquiao oblige?

Though he has not touched on it, Pacquiao reiterated that he wants the rematch to be held on Philippine soil. The plain logic behind it is that he agreed to have the inaugural bout in Australia and now he wants to fight in front of his hometown crowd.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum was not on board with the idea, citing on numerous occasions that Brisbane was the only logical place to offer much money. Secondly, the 85-year-old added that there was a contract agreement that calls for Brisbane to have the first crack to secure the rights to a rematch.

Pacquiao reiterated before that he would never return to Australia for a rematch. Unless someone can convince him to reconsider his stand, seeing the two boxers engage once more is not looking too good.

Nevertheless, Lonergan added that they will discuss with the boxer-senator in the next few months about having the rematch in Brisbane. At this time, Pacquiao has yet to comment on the recent developments.

Retire or face someone else?

Pacquiao has never been known to back down from any fight. However, he is already in the twilight of his career and indulges in other things outside of boxing.

The Pac-Man obviously wants to avenge that upset-loss by Horn but there are multiple factors to consider.

Should the rematch fail to materialize, the Filipino boxing icon may opt to fight someone else or hang up his gloves. Like any competitor, Pacquiao wants to leave the sport on a positive note but likely wants the event to be held in the Philippines.

Losing the WBO belt to Horn looms is the least of Pacquiao’s worries. He is more concerned about proving that his loss to the Aussie was a fluke and showing the world that he still has what it takes to compete with the best.

Should talks bog down, Pacquiao may decide to give up and focus on his senatorial duties. He hardly has to prove anything anymore and the only tarnish on that was suffering a loss in his last fight.