With Dwyane Wade in Chicago and LeBron James in Cleveland, the final remaining member of the Miami Heat Big 3 championship teams remaining was Chris Bosh. However, the career of Bosh has been derailed since he began to experience blood clot issues over a year ago. While Chris has not played in an NBA game since Feb. 6, 2016, he feels like he can still play and wants another chance now that he has worked out an agreement to leave the Miami Heat.

Will the NBA medically clear Chris Bosh to play?

The first question that has to be answered is whether or not the NBA will even allow Chris Bosh to return to play.

No NBA team will sign Bosh to a deal until he gets cleared by medical personnel. The Miami Heat's medical staff refused to clear Bosh to play again for the team so the agreement to get out of his contract with Miami, without hurting the Heat's salary cap, was the most important first step.

How does this work money wise?

The Miami Heat and the NBA Players Association agreed to terms to allow the Heat to let Chris Bosh become a free agent and the Heat will receive the maximum salary cap relief. According to ESPN, Miami will receive between $14 million and $37 million in cap room depending on player options, waiver decisions, and team options. Bosh is guaranteed $52 million over the next two seasons, although most of that is covered by insurance.

However, the big problem for the Miami Heat was if their medical staff was wrong and Chris Bosh is able to return to the NBA to play. Bosh has said he wants to find a treatment plan that will allow him to play again. If Bosh did return and play for another team for more than 25 games, the Heat would get the salary cap hit added back onto their books.

Getting that off the table was the main focus of Miami in this new agreement.

Who could pick up Chris Bosh?

If Chris Bosh is cleared to return, it will be by a panel of doctors selected by the NBA and the NBA Player's Association. If these doctors clear Bosh to play, NBA teams can decide if they want to take a chance on the former Miami Heat star.

The Boston Celtics made it to the Eastern Conference Finals this year but that was a surprise because they seemed a year away from a championship run. They are missing a key power forward and Chris Bosh could fill that position nicely if he returns to health.

While Miami Heat fans might not like this idea, there is also a chance that LeBron James could convince his Cleveland Cavaliers to bring in his former teammate to make the Cavs an even stronger force in the East. Chris Bosh is a Texas-native, so joining a championship-caliber team like the Houston Rockets is also a possibility. Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers have always liked to take fliers on major stars to help lead their younger players and Magic Johnson could look at Bosh if he is cleared to return.