Chris Bosh has not officially retired despite being kept out of action last season. With his blood clot issues standing in the way, the veteran big man has not entirely closed the door on a possible return even if it may not be with the Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh failed a preseason physical that shut the door on him for the 2016-17 NBA season. The Heat missed the NBA playoffs though a healthy Bosh could have possibly helped improve the chances. From here, however, Bosh could eventually be released by the hit this summer.

Rebuilding without Bosh

The Miami Heat are rebuilding and the new stars are in place.

The new cast is led by Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic though Pat Riley needs some veterans in tow to guide the youngsters.

Bosh could be a sensible mentor if he wanted to. Would that lead to a possible coaching position?

Asked if he was open to one, Bosh made it clear he had no plans of coaching. The only exception would be to guide kids. But as far as grown men, the 6-foot-11 player would rather pass on it. The obvious here is that he doesn’t want to teach hard-heads that may eventually stress him out.

Understanding the Heat’s business

Right now, Bosh is still with the Miami Heat. He understands why he has been kept in cold storage with Riley opting to do the humane thing. Depending on what the Heat decide this offseason, Bosh could be a free man and join other teams.

If he finds some way to secure medical clearance for his blood clot problems, a return could be possible. But is Bosh still passionate about a return?

He admits the fire of being an athlete still burning inside of him, a desire to prove he still has it. Compared to the time he was 100-percent healthy, Chris Bosh admits having mixed feeling about a possible NBA return.

While he does want to end his playing career on a high note, there are things to consider such as his family.

Family comes first

Bosh has been spending a lot of time with his family, realizing the value of life. He may seem torn between his love for the game and family but would obviously place more weight on the importance of his family.

His abrupt finish is something that no NBA player would want. Bosh would retire on his own terms if health wasn’t a constraint. Right now, that seems improbable with the all-star big man realizing there is more to life than playing pro basketball. Proof of that is the time he has spent with his family, particularly his kids. There is life after basketball and Bosh just realized that this past NBA season.