NBA 2017 preseason games continued on Sunday as the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Sacramento King at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The Lakers defeated the Kings with a score 75-69 that day.

Julius Randle, Brook Lopez, and Kyle Kuzman were playing better for the Lakers, scoring double-digit points while Zach Randolph, Garrett Temple, and Vince Carter played a nice game for the Kings.

The LA Lakers pull out this win over the Sacramento Kings

The LA Lakers outscored the Sacramento Kings 22-11 in the first quarter of their preseason matchup.

They came prepared to perform a well-played game before the official season takes off with 11 points lead in 12 minutes of game play.

After another 12 minutes have passed, the Lakers completed a halftime at 41-29, outscoring another quarter (19-18) with one point lead. The 3rd quarter was a chance for the Kings to bounced back and made 22 points, lowering the gap 52-51 at one point difference.

It was then a race against the clock, as the LA Lakers would hold on to beat the Sacramento Kings, with a final score of 75-69.

Julius Randle showcases rebounding talents

Julius Randle played 27 minutes on Sunday against the Sacramento Kings. He registered 17 points, 10 rebounds, three assists, three steals and one block on his stat line.

Randle shot 58 percent from the field, making 7-of-12 shots field goal attempts. He also registered a 50 percent shooting percentage from the three-point line, making 1-of-2 three-points attempts.

Kyle Kuzma scored 15 points

Kyle Kuzman was very efficient on the defensive end for the Los Angeles Lakers. He played 28 minutes in the game and was able to contribute 15 points, eight defensive rebounds, and three assists against the Sacramento Kings.

Kuzman shot an amazing 50 percent from the field and 17 percent from the three-point line. Kyle Kuzman and his winning team registered an average shooting percentage of 42 from the field, making 29-of-70 field goal attempts in their game against the Kings. Jordan Clarkson and Brook Lopez also provided double-digit points to the Lakers.

Zach Randolph lead the Sacramento Kings

On Sunday's game, the Sacramento Kings was led by Zach Randolph with 16 points. He shot 47 percent from the field and 33 percent from the three-point line. He also registered six rebounds and three assists in his stat line.

Garett Temple was next to Zach to contribute a double-digit scoring to the Kings with 12 points. He had 100 percent shooting percentage from free throw line, by perfecting his four free throws. He registered additional four defensive rebounds, one assist, three steals and one block in his stat line. He shot only 31 percent from the field, making 4-of-13 field goal attempts.