Adam Silver, the commissioner of National Basketball Association said that they were discussing the possibility of making changes to the current NBA playoffs' system in the coming years . The teams will qualify from 1 to 16 regardless of it's eastern or western region . The current system of NBA provides for the qualification of the first eight teams of the both eastern and western region. This system allowed many teams in east conference reaching playoffs with a losing record in recent year. For example : Oklahoma City Thunder failed to reach the playoffs in 2015/2016 season with 45-37 record.

While Brooklyn Nets reached the playoffs as the eighth team on the east conference with a losing record 38-44.

Official changes for All-star game

According to the new amendment, the game will be held for the first time in the history of NBA without The Eastern Conference versus The Western Conference. Players selected to the game will be drafted onto teams by two captains—the leading vote-getters from each conference. But the rest of the regulations will remain the same, the starters will continue to be chosen by (50% fans' votes, 25% media's vote, 25% players' vote ). The final 14 players, chosen by the NBA head coaches, will be drafted subsequently. The game will be held in Los Angeles on Monday, February 19, 2018.

New changes will be discussed

The new system also requires a review of the league schedule to make it balanced , so that more justice will be achieved, "Silver said according to ESPN reporter Nick Friedell Silver added : "We are looking forward to restructure the league system, which also requires adjusting the regular season schedule.

If we are to adopt the qualification system from 1 to 16 in any team area, we have to create a balanced schedule. In which teams play in a way that achieves justice for all as much as possible. This means even reconsidering the number of games. 82 Games in the season is not a holy number. The season could be shorter to accommodate the new playoffs format, which we will have to start earlier than usual each year.

This new idea seems to have the approval of many players and superstars like Stephen Curry, who is recently appreciates LeBron standing up for him. Curry said that he would enjoying a competitive playoffs featuring the strongest 16 teams regardless of their region. Curry and his teammates at Golden State Warriors are preparing to defend their title next season. According to "ESPN" A report by "Nick Friedell"