The Los Angeles Clippers faced off against the Toronto Raptors again tonight in their second preseason game. Blake Griffin looked very good in their first preseason game but he looked even better tonight. The Clippers got their revenge tonight with a 98-84 win over the Raptors. Demar DeRozan had a great night but it was not enough for them to get the win.

DeRozan had a solid game tonight

Demar DeRozan had a decent game tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. DeRozan scored 15 points while grabbing three boards, dishing out four assists, and getting one steal.

He shot the ball very well making six of his 11 field goal attempts and hitting one of his two three-pointer attempts. With Kyle Lowry not playing tonight, Demar DeRozan had to lead the team but his efforts were not enough to lead the Toronto Raptors to a victory.

Pascal Siakam showcases defensive talents

Pascal Siakam played 21 minutes in tonights preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers. He contributed nine points, five rebounds, one assist, and four steals. He shot 50 percent from the field making four of his eight three-pointers. Siakam's defense really stood out tonight with him getting four steals. If Siakam can consistently showcase his defensive skills and be consistent on the offensive end, he will surely be a great asset to the Toronto Raptors.

Jonas Valenciunas shoots 71 percent

Jonas Valenciunas was very efficient tonight in the offensive end for the Toronto Raptors. He played only 18 minutes but he was able to contribute 11 points, six rebounds, and one steal against the Los Angeles Clippers. He shot an amazing 71 percent from the field making five of his seven field goal attempts.

The traditional big man has seen a substantial decrease in the NBA due to the league now favoring the three-pointers more. But Valenciunas shows how dominant and effective a traditional big man can be in this era of the NBA.

Griffin dominates the paint against the Raptors

Blake Griffin continues to show and prove that he can lead the Clippers franchise to a championship.

After putting up 18 points against the Raptors the other day, Griffin puts up 17 points tonight. He contributed 17 points, four rebounds, three assists, three steals, and one block. He shot 54.5 percent from the field making six of his 11 field goal attempts and making four of his five free throw attempts. Griffin will have to fill the void Chris Paul left in the offensive end as he now steps in as the sole franchise player of the Los Angeles Clippers.