Art is one of the most diverse words in the world, art can range from music, literature, dancing, and even Tattoos. Once upon a time tattoos had a bad impression on other people, they are often branded as rebels, misfits, demonic, demon worshipper and the likes. But throughout the years, body art has now become an expression of art and something placed on your body for a certain memory or even to make you look good. Here are some amazing tattoos all around the world that will make you look twice:

Asians looking good with tattoos

Tattoos are now slowly being accepted all over the world from the west up until the east, from the states up until Asia.

Tattoos that were once for bad looking big dudes are now also being used on skinny and slim pop stars. Here one photo of the famous Yongguk on his left arm.

The tattoo shows a huge face on his entire right shoulder. This shows that even skinny guys can rock a tattoo.

Girls with tattoos are looking fine

Tattoos have also transformed from a solely masculine look to a more feminine and sexy look as more and more women get into body tattoos.

Here are a Couple of floral tattoos that are on the feminine side:

As you can see, tattoos are more diversified nowadays and with the right combination of skin tone and tattoo color, it can even look very elegant.

Here we see a couple of beautiful floral tattoos found on the neck, back and on the different parts of the arms. They look really elegant and they will surely make you look twice.

Full tattoos are still looking very good

With the rise of a new feminine and more elegant tattoo style, the old school rock and roll tattoos are still very famous and good to look at.

Here are a couple of big and in your face tattoos.

Here we see the more common full-on tattoo on the arms. Many stars including the Rock, LeBron James, and James Arthur have these kinds of tattoos that really show the masculine and strong side of a person.

In this tattoo, we can see a gothic kind of tattoo with wings at the back of the neck of Justin Bieber. The word patience is also inscribed at the of his neck. This shows that tattoos can mean absolutely anything, from a beautiful memory to a constant reminder of being patient each and every day.

And lastly, we see the old kind of tattoos, where you just put words and shapes everywhere in your body. This type of tattoo got famous because of the old school rock bands who just put on new tattoos after new tattoos when they are touring all around the world.