In what was another early playoff exit for the disappointing Los Angeles Clippers, they head into the offseason with more questions than answers. Their entire core will become Free Agents, which could put an abrupt end to the Chris Paul era.

Their own free agents

The Clippers will enter the offseason with Paul, Blake Griffin, Luc Mbah a Moute, and Marreese Speights with player options, which they are all likely to opt out. J.J. Redick, Brandon Bass, Raymond Felton, and Alan Anderson all have expiring contracts. They could potentially enter free agency with eight free agents, and a coach whose future with the team seems clouded.

What will the core players do?

It was recently reported that the Clippers expect Paul to re-sign a huge five-year deal with the organization, but it’s still not a guarantee. With the way the season ended for Los Angeles again, the multiple All-Star will probably consider other options. Paul’s future with the team mostly depends on Griffin’s decision in free agency, who he may also consider leaving. Griffin reportedly would have interest in joining the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers if he doesn’t stay with the Clippers.

Meanwhile, Redick and the other players’ decision will be based upon the two superstars mentioned above. There would be no point for veterans like Bass, Redick, Felton, Mbah a Moute, Speights, and Anderson to re-join a team that may lose its star players.

They would rather go to a winning team than struggle on a team that could head into a rebuilding process.

Doc Rivers believes that the Clippers should retain their core unit to try for another one, but if everything blows up, he may end up stepping down and returning to Orlando. Even if he doesn’t step down, he may be on the verge of being relieved by the organization for not being able to succeed the last four years.

If Clippers rebuild, they should…

If the Clippers lose their main pieces in the summer, they should pursue young established pieces and stockpile on draft picks to begin a rebuilding process. They can perhaps do sign-and-trades with their core players if they do decided to sign elsewhere to at least gain a handful of picks in return rather than losing them for nothing.

It has been an upsetting four years for the Clippers, who thought they would be a championship caliber team by now. Instead, they have suffered multiple first and second-round exits and untimely playoff injuries. Blowing up the roster seems to be the only choice, and it is very likely to happen. Farewell to the Lob City era?