Kyrie Irving is still the hottest trade target in the NBA and there have been a lot of teams that have expressed interest in trading for the All-Star point guard. This isn't surprising considering that Irving is one of the best players in the league. He is also only 25, which means that he could be a franchise player for whichever team he ends up joining.

After all, that it was Kyrie Irving wants. He wants to be a franchise player and the focal point of the team, just like he was before LeBron James return to Cleveland. However, with LeBron on the team, Irving will never be the first option, and that is why he wants to leave.

NBA reports indicate that 20 teams have inquired about the point guard, and it seems that everyone would love to acquire him. Toronto Raptors, who have been Cleveland Cavaliers' rivals in the East in the recent years, have joined Kyrie Irving sweepstakes. Considering they have a good team that is competitive in the conference, they may have a good chance of trading for the superstar guard.

Raptors called Cavs regarding Irving trade

Toronto Raptors general manager Bobby Webster revealed that the team has discussed a possible trade for Kyrie Irving. He also said that the Raptors called the Cleveland Cavaliers regarding the potential trade.

"We all do our due diligence," Webster said in an interview on TSN 1050.

"Things don't always make sense, but if they do, we're always prepared. A lot of talk that we do doesn't really see the light of day. When a player like that becomes available, you'd be remiss not to call."

Even though the Raptors inquired about Kyrie Irving, it is not very likely they will be able to land him. While they are a great team that would certainly become much better with Irving, they do not have the assets to make the trade.

Furthermore, they gave Kyle Lowry a three-year, $100 million contract extension this summer, which means they want Lowry to stay.

Irving will leave the Cavaliers

It may not be the Toronto Raptors, but it has become obvious that Kyrie Irving will leave the Cavaliers for another team. Irving is simply not happy in Cleveland and he even considered asking for a trade after the Cavaliers won it all in 2016.

If Irving was unhappy with the situation after winning a championship, there is no doubt that another loss in the NBA Finals made the situation even worse. There will be a lot more teams that will inquire about the superstar point guard and at the end, the Cavaliers will end up trading him.