The holidays are right around the corner, Christmas specifically is less than a week away. A huge part of the population of the world celebrate Christmas, and it is no surprise that every person has their unique way of celebrating the Christmas season. From skating to mass, eating at KFC, pooping in Catalonia, spider webs in Ukraine, healthy food art in Mexico, and to the new Digital fireplaces in New York. Listed below are a couple of weird Christmas rituals all around the world:

People of Venezuela loves to skate

Venezuela has been known for their love of skating especially on the holidays.

It is a common practice for everyone who celebrates Christmas to attend church in order to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. But Venezuelans add a little style by skating their way to Church. People who live in Caracas, it is has become a norm to put on your skates and glide to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

It has been known that children go to bed with a piece of string around their feet and the other end dangling out of the window. As skaters roll past, they give the string a tug and children know that it’s time to, well, get their skates on. Skating to mass became so popular that the local government officials had to take safety cautions by closing streets until 8 am so that families could skate together in safety.

KFC chicken is essential for Christmas

Japan has been known for their love of Chicken, a love so deep that on Christmas season they would choose to celebrate the holidays in KFC. The trend all started when a couple of Americans could not find turkey and rather opted or settled for KFC chicken on the Eve of Christmas.

KFC records its highest sales volume each year on Christmas eve.

Back office staff, presidents, and execs come out to help move the lines along. Fried chicken and Christmas have become synonymous in Japan. KFC now offers a Christmas chicken dinner along with cake and champagne for about 40 dollars in Japan.

Christmas means spiders

Spiders are usually related to Halloween because it is spooky and scares a number of people.

But Ukraine locals actually associate spiders with Christmas. The legend says that a poor and determined old woman once lived in a tiny house with her daughter. One summer day, a pine seed fell on the floor of their house and took root. The daughter took care and watered the tree, excited at the vision of having a big and live pine cone Christmas tree in December.

The tree grew strong and tall, but they could not put decorations on it for Christmas since they had no money. The daughter went to bed thinking that they would have another not so happy Christmas. Early Christmas, they woke up and saw the tree covered with cobwebs. When they opened the windows, the sunlight magically turned the spider cobwebs into silver and gold. The widow and her children were overjoyed. From then on, they never lived in poverty again.