John Cena's relationship with the other members of the WWE Universe has always been speculated on but in the past few years, it has become an on-screen storyline too. That has never been truer than his current program with Roman Reigns, which has essentially been a behind-the-scenes tale. What is not known, is whether the "Big Dog" is ready to take over Cena's job as the company's top man. "No Mercy 2017" contains a contest between the two in a Wrestlemania caliber match. Roman Reigns is set to square off against Cena to prove that WWE ring is really his yard.

Revealed a hidden truth

In a recent podcast with Edge and Christian, Cena revealed that their rivalry is much deeper than it is being televised on Raw. According to Cena, Reigns needs to bolster his mic skills if he is truly in line to be the face of WWE. Roman Reigns made a strong case for being the top superstar in WWE today after he defeated the legendary Undertaker at "WrestleMania 34." John Cena is among the most-decorated superstars in the history of WWE and will provide a measuring stick to see just how good Reigns is right now. Roman Reigns has his eyes set on what happens in two weeks time at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. That is because he will be involved in a Wrestlemania quality main event against the 16-time world champion John Cena at WWE's "No Mercy.

Who is John Cena?

John Cena's full name is John Felix Anthony Cena.The number 54 sometimes used on his merchandise was the jersey number he used in college football. He was a NCAA Division III All-American center on the college football team. Cena has starred in more than 12 films. Before his professional wrestling career, Cena appeared in an advertisement for Gold's Gym.

Cena performed his fifth WWE theme song, "Basic Thuganomics," himself. Cena won his first title at WrestleMania 21, with a win over JBL. He came in as the challenger in a triple threat match with Edge and the Big Show, where he won the World Heavyweight Championship. The following year, he regained the WWE championship from Batista.

After suffering back-to-back WrestleMania losses at 27 and 28, Cena found redemption, beating The Rock for his 14th world title win at WrestleMania 29.

Cena is now a seasoned veteran and his time with the WWE will go on for as long as his body can handle the grind of professional wrestling. Cena is not only a 16-time world champion, but he also does an incredible amount of charity work, having granted a lot of wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation.