The latest episode of WWE "Raw" took place at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. Due to the recent hurricane in the Houston, Texas area, Booker T was not at the show for commentary. In his place was Memphis legend Jerry "The King" Lawler. The latest episode featured an announced contract signing for a "No Mercy" match as well as a battle royal to determine a new No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental title. Here are all of the latest results.

Match results

After The Miz and his "Miztourage" came out to the ring to discuss how he was being disrespected as Intercontinental Champion, "Raw" GM Kurt Angle arrived out.

Angle told Miz they were holding a 15-man battle royal right now which would include his "Miztourage" members Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The winner of it will go on to face Miz next week on "Raw" for the IC title.

The 15-man battle royal match featured plenty of top stars such as Matt and Jeff Hardy, Jason Jordan, and Finn Balor. Finn ended up getting tossed out by Bray Wyatt who showed up out of nowhere and wasn't part of the match. In the end, it was Jeff Hardy who eliminated Jason Jordan last to get the win. Jeff will take on Miz on next week's "Raw" for the title.

Enzo Amore had a debut match as part of the Cruiserweight division. He was able to defeat Noam Dar via pinfall after hitting a finisher that looked similar to Gail Kim's "Eat Defeat." During the match, the current Cruiserweight Champion Neville was shown watching backstage.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came to the ring. They cut a promo about how Brock isn't ducking Braun Strowman and is ready to take him to "Suplex City." Brock will defend the Universal title against Strowman at the next WWE pay-per-view, "No Mercy 2017."

Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in a match with Sheamus and Dean Ambrose at ringside.

In the late part of the match, Ambrose took out Sheamus which caused a distraction for Rollins. Cesaro used it to hit an uppercut and grab the win.

Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus via pinfall. The finale of this match saw Rollins hit a suicide dive out onto Cesaro. In the ring, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds for the win.

Emma came out for a match against Mickie James and had brand new entrance music.

In the match, Mickie was able to get a rollup, but Emma sat on Mickie and got the pinfall win. Post-match, Emma got on the mic to repeatedly tell the crowd "I started the women's revolution!"

Kurt Angle had John Cena in the ring for the official contract signing for the match between Cena and Roman Reigns. Cena and Reigns cut promos on each other with Cena telling Reigns he should be ashamed he's a "part-timer" because he [Cena] does it better part-time than Reigns "could ever do it full time." Both men signed the contract, but then were booked in a tag team match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Late in the match, Reigns hit Superman Punches on both opponents. Cena got in the ring to put up Gallows and looked at Reigns.

Reigns hit a Spear on Anderson for the pinfall win.

Main event match

In the main event match, it was the WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Sasha Banks defending her title against Alexa Bliss in her rematch. The match lasted 14 minutes total. After a commercial break, Bliss was working on Banks' ribs and shoulder which were hurt earlier. She went to the top rope but missed on a cross body block attempt giving Sasha a near fall.

Later, Bliss hit a Superplex, but Banks was able to put Bliss into a Bank Statement. Alexa managed to get to the ropes to break the hold.

Shortly after, she hit a DDT to get the pinfall win and reclaimed the "Raw" Women's Championship.

Afte the victory, Nia Jax came down to the ring. She gave applause for Bliss for the win and then raised her arm in the ring. She hit a big splash on Sasha Banks in the corner. Bliss celebrated in the corner with Jax putting her on her shoulders and hitting a drop Electric Chair style. Jax grabbed the title belt to hold up for a bit before placing it back down on Bliss and leaving. That closed out "Raw" for the evening.