This offseason is not really a memorable one for the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, thanks to Kyrie Irving’s request for a trade. He basically wants to be on a team for which he is the focal point. He even mentioned the likes of San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks as his top teams.

Interestingly, new reports suggest that Kyrie Irving’s decision has something to do with LeBron James wanting to trade him. This is actually surprising, especially to those who defended The King. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Because of James

According to SLAM Online, Irving initially thought that James wanted him out of the organization.

He believed that the superstar forward would trade him to another team. It was reportedly a trade that would have sent the All-Star guard to the Phoenix Suns. The latter is said to have offered Eric Bledsoe and their number four pick for Irving. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, was believed to flip the said pick just to acquire Paul George.

Kyrie Irving then thought that the trade talks had something to do with James. He supposedly has a say in all of Cleveland's decisions. FS1’s Chris Broussard said it was perhaps Irving’s “final straw,” a factor that pushed him to request a trade. Broussard continued that the organization already had the deal done, which happened a night before the draft.

It was the other way around

Interestingly, it was James who did not approve of the deal to trade Kyrie Irving. The owner of the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, met with James and said, “Look, we’ve got this deal on the table.” Gilbert further added that if James would commit to stay in Cleveland, the deal would be considered done. However, The King did not say yes, forcing Gilbert to bail out from the deal.

Unfortunately, Irving took it the other way around. As soon as the word came out, he immediately thought that the deal was influenced by the superstar LeBron James.

“That’s why he got mad with LeBron. He thought LeBron was in on it,” Broussard said. But of course, it cannot be denied that James wanted the deal to happen. He just thought that trading Irving was too much.

This is clearly a misunderstanding between the two superstars. It also proves that James always wanted Kyrie Irving to be part of the team. Well, unfortunately, this kind of feud is a hard one to fix. Perhaps the Cavaliers fans can hope for a miracle. They will soon find out if Irving gets traded to another team in the NBA.